Your Client’s Legacy

Long Lasting Change with The San Francisco Foundation

Your client’s gift to The San Francisco Foundation is key to our mission and lasting impact in the community. By joining with us as your trusted partner in philanthropy, your client can create a legacy that makes a difference.

Planned gifts or bequests to The San Francisco Foundation enables us to grow our endowment and respond to the changing needs of the Bay Area now and in the future. With a strong endowment, we can continue to be responsive and strategic in making the Bay Area a better place for all for generations to come.

As your philanthropic partner, we work closely with you and your client to help determine the legacy they and their family will leave.

For decades, we have worked hand in hand with our donors to create legacies that support the issues they care about most, fulfilling their vision of strengthening the region and our world with solutions to complex issues. A safe place to sleep, a wellness program to keep a child healthy, an after-school youth orchestra, career-ladder job training, or protected wetlands in the San Francisco Bay — these solutions and many, many others have all been funded by legacy donors whose vision and generosity will live on forever in the vitality and beauty of the Bay Area.

What will legacy would your client pass on to future generations? Join us and make a difference.