Let’s Keep Building

Since 1948, our family of donors has invested in the promise of a bright future for Bay Area families. Our focused, long-term investment strategy has grown our charitable assets to $1.2 billion—ranking the Foundation among the nation’s largest community foundations. Join us and let’s keep building, together.

Hand-In-Hand Philanthropy: The Cleasbys’ gift to Homeless Prenatal Program helped 3,000 mothers access safe, stable housing, healthcare, and parenting support. More >

Meet DeAndre’s Family: DeAndre, age 15, has two brothers ages seven and nine. His brothers rely on him to get them up, dressed, fed, out the door, and to school. More >

A City for All: I felt a deep sense of pride to help thousands of eligible permanent residents navigate the complex process of applying for citizenship. More >

A (Delicious) Return on Investment: Big news for those who love Japanese food and like to support Bay Area microenterprise! More >

We Won – Plan Bay Area: Regional planning agencies approved an unprecedented strategy to create sustainable communities through transportation and land-use planning. More >

Beware of Foreclosure Scams: In addition to providing homeowners access to counseling, we realized we needed to increase awareness about foreclosure scams. More >

Join Us

Just as the needs of our communities change, the vision of people building their own philanthropic traditions in partnership with The San Francisco Foundation is dynamic and evolving. To support this tradition, generation after generation, we offer a number of powerful philanthropic vehicles for individuals, families, or businesses.

We specialize in handling complex assets and finding the best charitable giving solution for you. To learn more, contact our Development and Donor Services team at 415.733.8590 or donorservices@sff.org.