Grants for People: Expanding Access to Opportunity

In the People pathway, we focus on expanding access to opportunity by removing barriers to meaningful employment, supporting policy change, and improving education so that every Bay Area resident can not only afford to live here, but to thrive.

The San Francisco Foundation serves San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Mateo Counties, and makes grants across the five-county region. The following is a list of grants made in the People pathway:

$250,000 – Asian Pacific Environmental Network 
To educate, organize, and expand opportunities for low-income Asian Pacific Islander immigrants and refugees in the Bay Area.

$100,000 – California EDGE Campaign
To provide core support to broaden and deepen the social equity work of the EDGE Coalition, a statewide advocacy coalition united in the belief that California’s future rests largely on the skill base of its workers.

$50,000 – Californians for Safety and Justice
To ensure that as many people as possible benefit from Prop 47, that the law is protected and advanced, and that the results from implementing the law transforms lives and systems.

$25,000 – City of East Palo Alto
To support the completion of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Challenge Playbook and draft the MBK Local Action Plan for the City of East Palo Alto.

$25,000 – City Of Oakland, Office of the Mayor
To support the City of Oakland’s implementation of My Brother’s Keeper Local Action Plan.

$25,000 – City of Richmond – City Manager’s Office 
To support the City of Richmond’s implementation of My Brother’s Keeper Local Community Challenge Action Plan, and to expand employment, training and education programs for boys and men of color in Richmond.

$12,000 – Council of Community Housing Organizations
To build and sustain San Francisco’s Transportation Justice Coalition and advance transit equity in the region.

$50,000 – The Education Trust-West
To support a landscape analysis of educational equity issues in the Bay Area.

$112,265 – Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
For core operating support to sustain Ella Baker Center’s policy advocacy and organizing work and to expand access to opportunities for families and communities most damaged by racism, classism, and our nation’s criminal justice system.

$250,000 – East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
To expand economic opportunity and stem displacement by: strengthening worker and resident leadership; passing and implementing policies that raise the floor on low-wage jobs; opening the door to middle class careers; and empowering low-wage workers.

$250,000 – The Greenlining Institute
To expand racial and economic opportunity in the Bay Area by directing public and private resources to the most vulnerable communities.

$25,000 – Office of the Mayor San Francisco 
To support the implementation of San Francisco’s My Brother’s Keeper Local Action Plan.

$27,585 – Office of the Public Defender, Contra Costa County
To support a public-private partnership to accelerate Prop 47 petitions in Contra Costa County.

$250,000 – Public Advocates
To create a more equitable region through improved planning, more public investment, increased affordable housing production, better transit service, and protection against displacement.

$150,000 – REDF
To expand job opportunities and economic sustainability for people overcoming high barriers to employment by strengthening social enterprises and associated support networks.

$150,000 – Reentry Success Center
To provide core support for the delivery of an innovative program model designed to foster successful reentry of formerly incarcerated people through a set of integrated supports and services.

$75,000 – Self-Help for the Elderly
To increase the number of eligible low-income, legal permanent residents who become citizens and new voters in San Francisco, and increase their access to economic opportunities.

$250,000 – Urban Habitat
To support research, coalition building, and advocacy to equalize transportation investments, pass tenant protections, secure funds for affordable housing, and build capacity in suburban neighborhoods experiencing an increase in poverty among people of color.

$100,000 – Urban Strategies Council 
To create an inclusive hiring strategy for boys and men of color in the Bay Area.

$50,000 – W. Haywood Burns Institute
To support a landscape analysis of youth and adult criminal justice issues.

$50,000 – Working Partnerships, USA
To increase public funding for essential services for low-income communities and to improve standards and advance jobs for low-wage workers.

These grants support work across the three pathways:

$50,000 – Bay Area Black United Fund
To support a data scoping project for TSFF’s Regional Equity Agenda.

$125,000 – KQED, Inc. 
To support coverage of racial and economic inequities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

$200,000 – USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) 
To support the production of a regional equity data infrastructure for the Bay Area that will support equity advocacy campaigns.