Grantmaking at The San Francisco Foundation is strategic and responsive to the changing needs of the Bay Area. We partner with nonprofit organizations and city departments to expand opportunity in the Bay Area and make a greater impact, together. We support the Bay Area region through grants in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo Counties. Our approach to grantmaking values the inherent strengths of local residents and their communities and looks for systemic solutions. The Foundation serves communities traditionally excluded from positions of power and access to resources. We invest in the region’s anchor organizations as well as supporting and building on innovative new efforts.

TSFF Launches Strategy to Expand Racial and Economic Equity

The Foundation has launched an ambitious strategy to expand opportunities and inclusion for struggling communities and people of color across the Bay Area. Across the region, we need to ensure that everyone has a chance to get a good job, live in a safe and affordable home, has a strong political voice, and can live in a community that provides real access to opportunity.

We are currently not accepting unsolicited proposals, and will have an Open Cycle in January 2017, with more information to follow. We will be making transition grants to organizations with whom we have an existing relationship or a longstanding commitment. Read more about the first grants made under the new equity strategy.

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