In Memoriam, Larry Stupski

We mourn the passing of beloved philanthropist and thought partner in The San Francisco Foundation family, Larry Stupski.

Born in Houston, Texas, Larry grew up working-class, earning a football scholarship to Princeton University and later Yale Law School. He was well known in the Bay Area and beyond for his tenacity and his distinguished role in leading The Charles Schwab Corporation for 18 years.

Larry embodied the heart of our mission as an advocate for community investment, original ideas, and passionate leadership. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from his driven spirit, and partner with him and his family to make a real impact.

In 1996, he and his wife, Joyce Stupski, started the Stupski Foundation to focus on transforming our public education system. Their work was based on their shared belief that quality education is the most significant factor in transforming the lives of children and overcoming the barriers of poverty and inequity.

“He was a very philanthropic, generous, and thoughtful man who in his philanthropy focused on the importance of millions of kids who were at large urban schools and how to give them an educational opportunity to achieve what he was able to achieve in his own life,” said CEO Sandra R. Hernández, M.D.

“He never forgot where he came from. He didn’t put his names on buildings. That wasn’t who he was. The wealth he earned in his lifetime he turned into a philanthropic legacy. He was a thought partner and a student throughout his life, and I will miss him deeply.”

Larry has had an immeasurable impact in the region, investing deeply and generously in making the Bay Area the best place it can be. He believed deeply that everyone deserved a fair shot, in systems change – from community clinics to job training, to arts education and community organizing, Larry’s passion to make a greater impact will continue to create meaningful change for years to come.

We extend our condolences to Joyce, Maida, and the entire Stupski family in this time.