Investing with Impact

At this year’s Annual Donor Investment Forum, we had the largest turnout yet of donors, advisors, and nonprofit partners who came together to hear from our Investment Committee both the big picture and specifics of our investment strategy. The Committee has guided our investments so that we can continue to deliver returns that out-pace the average, and continue to make significant impact in the Bay Area.

Investment Committee members Sarah Stein, Ed McDermott, Andy Ballard, along with CFO Monica Pressley, shared how this year more than ever, we have witnessed the importance and pay off of investing for the long run. As the stewards of some of the Bay Area’s greatest philanthropic visionaries, we have the responsibility to be disciplined, to think long-term, and avoid emotion-driven decisions.

Diligent stewardship of The San Francisco Foundation assets matters because long-term, strong performance means greater impact in community.

At the event, Monica Pressley told the story of the Greater Communities Collaborative, a partnership to ensure that areas around transit stations being rebuilt are vibrant,with mixed income housing, multi-use retail, walking paths, and access to jobs. Over seven years of collaboration, coordination, and trust-building amongst partners, our $500,000 seed loan was leveraged into a $60 million loan fund to develop affordable housing around transit.

No one leader, donation, organization, or grant could accomplish such a feat. This vision of the long run, coupled with the advantage of our large scale endowment, allow us to continue making lasting impact in the Bay Area.

We invite you to learn more about our investment strategy and performance in Strategy, Discipline, Impact—our latest Annual Investment Report.