Making Impact Together: Hand-in-Hand Philanthropy

Womens-Health 2

Thirty years ago Martha Ryan had a vision to provide care for one of the City’s most vulnerable and under-resourced populations, homeless pregnant women. She brought this vision to The San Francisco Foundation and received seed funding to launch Homeless Prenatal Program. As the once small clinic grew to become the nationally recognized care model it is today, the program needed a permanent location to continue fulfilling its mission.

The San Francisco Foundation knew Homeless Prenatal was diligently pulling together funding and was near a tipping point to finally purchase a permanent home. At the same time, Dr. Gilbert and Mrs. Marie Cleasby, who were passionate about making a difference in the lives of women and children in the Bay Area, were referred to The San Francisco Foundation to begin planning their legacy. Foundation staff saw the match immediately and connected the Cleasbys’ advisor with Homeless Prenatal. The Cleasbys’ gift to Homeless Prenatal Program paid off half of its mortgage and compelled another donor to generously pay the remaining half.

Longstanding partnerships in the community make meaningful gifts like the Cleasbys’ possible. The San Francisco Foundation works hand-in-hand with nonprofits and donors, recognizing where the dial is being moved and connecting resources to fulfill visions of a stronger region, and world.

IMPACT: The Cleasbys’ gift to Homeless Prenatal Program allowed the organization to focus on its mission, helping 3,000 mothers and families access safe, stable housing, quality healthcare, and parenting support each year.