Place Pathway: Anchoring Communities Guidelines

Place matters. Our communities anchor us and provide connections to opportunity, services, and safety. They offer the social, cultural, spiritual, and economic networks that support and sustain us. Across the Bay Area there is a collective sense that the accelerating economy is not benefiting all residents, leaving many feeling vulnerable about their housing, their community, and their future. Communities need new affordable homes, improved transit connections, jobs, and parks and art that speak to local cultures. Community leaders are joining with small businesses, faith leaders, elected officials, and nonprofit institutions to work in partnership to craft their future.

We need equitable development so that communities can grow without forcing long-time residents out of their homes. In some places, there are particular windows of opportunity to advance equity – places where economic changes and planned investments are bringing residents and leaders together to determine how they can revitalize and improve their communities, and remain there to enjoy the benefits of their efforts. Other places are seeking to spark new plans or push for policies to bring a brighter future for current and new residents.

The Place Pathway seeks to prevent the displacement of low-income and communities of color from the Bay Area. We want to  ensure that our diverse neighborhoods are places where all residents can live, work, and thrive; and that the racial and cultural identity of Bay Area neighborhoods are preserved.

For more information about the Place pathway: Anchoring Communities.


To stabilize our neighborhoods and support community anchors, The San Francisco Foundation will prioritize support for efforts that help achieve the following Place Pathway goals through the described strategies.


Prevent the displacement of low-income and communities of color from the Bay Area and ensure that our diverse neighborhoods are places where all residents can live, work, and thrive.


Priority will be given to applicants that prevent displacement in the following ways:

  • Increase the supply and production of new affordable housing.
  • Stabilize existing affordable housing so individuals and families can remain in their homes and the region can preserve existing affordable housing.
  • Protect tenants from predatory rent increases and no fault eviction practices.
  • Advance equitable development to ensure that everyone is benefitting from growth across the region.
  • Stabilize small businesses and nonprofit organizations that provide local jobs, goods, and services in their neighborhoods.


Preserve the racial and cultural identity of Bay Area neighborhoods.


Priority will be given to applicants that preserve the region’s racial and cultural identity in the following ways:

  • Increase the capacity of arts, culture and faith-based organizations that help to anchor neighborhoods, by building social cohesion and nurturing a sense of belonging, amplifying the voices of the people, preserving the rich cultural heritage and legacy of neighborhoods (and the region), and building connections and understanding between diverse racial, ethnic and socio-economic groups.
  • Support local neighborhood efforts and programs that improve the vibrancy of local communities.
  • Ensure that policies protect and reflect community values and assets and that they support the racial and cultural identity of the neighborhood.


Grant applicants for the Place pathway will be evaluated on the following for the January Open Cycle:

  1. Basic Eligibility – All applicants must meet the basic guidelines and meet the general eligibility criteria of The San Francisco Foundation.
  2. Regional Equity Grant Program Criteria – Strong applicants will meet the overall criteria for this open cycle.
  3. Place Pathway Outcomes – Engages in strategic activities that slow or prevent the displacement of low-income residents and/or communities of color and/or preserves of the racial and cultural identity of Bay Area neighborhoods.
  4. Approaches to Reach Impact – Policy and systems change efforts at the local and/or regional level that support the Place Pathway goals may include: policy advocacy, organizing, coalition building, Community Benefits Agreements, public/private partnerships, monitoring policy implementation, watch-dog allocation and use of public resources, and anti-displacement education and legal services

Grant duration and range: Applicants can apply for a grant for one to three years, in the range of $30,000-$100,000 a year. Only a select number of proposals will be funded at the top of the range.


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Applying for a Grant

To learn more and to apply for a grant, visit How to Apply. Funding is not available for capital campaigns or improvements, grants to individuals, medical research, event sponsorships, and/or political campaign contributions.

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