Goal and Objectives

We believe that artistic and cultural activities are an essential component of healthy and vibrant communities. We are also committed to our role as a catalyst for change and greater impact through focused investment in the five Bay Area counties we serve. Our new Arts and Culture Program guidelines build on this by targeting a sector of the arts ecosystem undergoing great financial challenges and supporting a more integrative arts education agenda via full service community schools.

Theory of Change
The San Francisco Foundation believes that the arts are a human right and should be available to all without regard to socioeconomic status. Access to a spectrum of artistic expressions and cultural experiences is crucial to the development of healthy communities and contributes to the overall academic achievement and social well-being of our student population.

Goal: The Arts and Culture Program supports art organizations that embody artistic excellence and foster cultural participation in order to build vibrant communities, amplify the voice of underrepresented communities, and celebrate the diversity of the Bay Area.

Objective One: Small and Mid-size Organizations
Financial stability of small and mid-size organizations ($100,000 – $2M) that provide access to quality art experiences, sustain the traditional arts, and create contemporary art forms in each of the counties we serve.


  • Promote organizational asset accumulation and fiscal stability in small and mid-size organizations
  • Strengthen organizations that serve as artistic hubs and/or neighborhood cultural anchors

Objective Two: Arts in Full-Service Community Schools and Districts
Integrated arts education programming within public K-12 full-service community schools that foster creativity, cross-cultural exchange, academic success, and civic participation. Community schools combine academics with a wide range of in-house services for local families.


  • Initiate integrated arts programming that provide access to art among students in community schools
  • Support implementation and sustainability of quality arts programs at full service community schools and districts

What we no longer fund
The Arts and Culture Program will no longer fund art organizations with budgets below $100,000 and above $2M and arts education organizations that are not part of a full-service community school partnership.

Where we fund
All Arts and Culture program grants are made to arts organizations in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, or San Mateo Counties.