Initiatives and Collaborative Work

Bay Area Workforce Funding Collaborative

The Bay Area Workforce Funding Collaborative (BAWFC), an Initiative of The San Francisco Foundation, is a nationally recognized initiative led by local and national foundations to address the skills gap that leaves too many job-seekers and workers in poverty while employers are unable to meet needs for a skilled workforce. Launched in 2004, the BAWFC seeks to enhance economic competitiveness and reduce poverty by strengthening the ability of the workforce development system to meet the needs of employers and low-skilled adults. Read more.

District 10 Benefits

An important component of the 702-acre project to redevelop the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point is the landmark Core Community Benefits Agreement negotiated between local community groups and the project’s developer. It provides over $37.5 million in funds for workforce development and affordable housing for San Francisco’s District 10.

The San Francisco Foundation serves as fiscal agent for the Implementation Committee (IC), the community group and leaders charged with administering funding related to the Core Community Benefits Agreement. The Foundation also acts as an advisor so that the IC may achieve maximum grantmaking impact in the areas of workforce development and affordable housing.

The Financial Empowerment Program recently launched at the offices of the San Francisco Housing Development Corporation. Read more.

Workforce Fund

The Workforce Fund is a five year funding initiative totaling $3,000,000 that invests in increasing the number of qualified applicants and hires for entry-level positions within the CPMC applicant pool, as well as for in-demand occupations that offer a living wage and strengthen the workforce preparation and referral system. In its first year, Workforce Fund will make grants to job readiness training and on-the-job training programs. The Workforce Fund will serve San Francisco residents of the Chinatown, Western Addition, Tenderloin, Mission/SOMA, Outer Mission/Excelsior, and Southeastern neighborhoods applying for non-construction positions. The Workforce Fund is a partnership between The San Francisco Foundation, The San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development and California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), as the result of a development agreement negotiated between the City and CPMC. Read more.