Goal and Objectives

We believe that every child should arrive safely to school every day, free from hunger, pain and fear, having slept soundly in a secure and caring home, and feeling confident enough in her teacher, school and self to express her curiosity, use her imagination, be ready to learn at grade level every year, and graduate high school ready for college, work, and life.

We believe education should address these necessary conditions for learning through high quality early childcare and education programs, strong community school partnerships, and meaningful equity focused interventions.

Theory of Change
The San Francisco Foundation believes that early child care and education, full service community schools, and equity centered school interventions are key to ensuring all children arrive to school safe, healthy, ready to learn at every grade level, be able to graduate high school ready for work and/or college, and become confident, caring, contributing adults.

Goal: The Education Program seeks to improve outcomes for children and youth in Bay Area schools, districts and neighborhoods that face the greatest socioeconomic challenges. All students should have opportunities to fully engage in academically and developmentally enriching community school programs that will enable them to succeed at every grade level, graduate high school, and prepare them for work and/or college. All students should have opportunities to learn, thrive, and become confident, caring, and contributing adults. The Education Program invests in early childhood development and education, full-service community schools, and equity-focused interventions as essential strategies to help achieve these goals.

Objective One: Early Childhood

Support diversity in leadership and professional development for the creation and implementation of high quality Pre-K early childhood programs that will ensure school readiness for our most vulnerable young learners.


  • Invest in professional development programs that promote diversity in Pre-K Early Childhood leadership.
  • Support best practices in Pre-K and Early Childhood programs that target and serve high poverty demographic groups and neighborhoods.

Objective Two: Full-Service Community Schools and Districts

Support policy development to establish, implement, fund, and sustain full-service community school partnerships in our highest poverty and lowest performing public schools and districts.


  • Invest in planning and policy development for full service community schools and districts.
  • Support implementation and sustainability of quality full service community schools and districts.

Objective Three: Education Equity

Support long term implementation of school-wide climate and culture-changing interventions, designed to address persistent achievement gaps by disrupting and eliminating the predictive power of race, demographics, religion, and/or LGBT identity on student success.


  • Invest in state of the art equity programs to address oppression and end the racial and demographic opportunity gaps in schools and districts.
  • Support the creation and adoption of school climate/ school culture changing policies and interventions that ensure inclusion and equitable opportunities for all students.

What we no longer fund
The Education Program will no longer fund stand-alone programs (in early childhood, youth development, afterschool enrichment, family support, parent engagement, academic support, or school reform), which are not part of a full-service community school partnership, a school-wide equity intervention program, or a comprehensive early childcare education program.

Where we fund
All Education grants are made to organizations serving children or youth in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, or San Mateo Counties.