Mohrhardt Grants – Preserving the Redwoods

Evelyn Tilden Mohrhardt grew up with a close connection and love for the redwoods. As a girl she spent summers near Calaveras and visited the majestic redwood giants in Big Basin. Her grandfather helped build a toll road over Ebbertt’s Pass in the Sierras, and nearby Mt. Reba was named for her mother.

Evelyn’s dedication to these natural wonders lives on through The Evelyn Tilden Mohrhardt Fund, which was established for the protection and preservation of redwood trees and the wildlife that are a part of that habitat.

As the steward of her legacy, The San Francisco Foundation developed the Mohrhardt Grant Program, an annual program that grants $25,000 to $50,000 to organizations that purchase, protect, and care for redwood forests, ensuring that they are here for future generations to experience and enjoy.

Eligible Organizations

The Evelyn Tilden Mohrhardt Fund was established for the protection and preservation of redwood trees and endangered animal species. Priority will be given to projects or programs that protect or preserve redwood trees.

We will invite a limited number of organizations to apply for these funds based on the services they provide. This is an invitation-only application.

How to Apply

Please note that is not an open call for applications. Only invited organizations may apply. Annual grants range from $25,000 to $50,000. Grant funds may be used for the following purposes: pre-acquisition costs, acquisition costs, land management and stewardship.

We will administer the Mohrhardt Grant Program once a year; multi-year proposals will be considered for organizations where the protection and preservation of redwood trees is at the core of their mission.


For more information regarding the Mohrhardt Grant Program, please contact Becky Weinberg, Senior Program Assistant for Expanding Access to Opportunity at or 415.733.8524.