Disaster Preparedness

The San Francisco Foundation launched a Disaster Preparedness Project to strengthen both the Bay Area communities that would be disproportionately affected by disaster and the organizations that serve them. Because nonprofits play a critical role in disasters, we strengthen the capacity of key nonprofit service providers to meet the needs of Bay Area communities in the aftermath of a catastrophic disaster. TSFF currently has agreements with 46 food, shelter, health, and mental health service providers, through which it will expedite $25,000 grants to meet urgent community needs in low-income communities and communities of color immediately following a disaster.

Bay Area disaster intermediaries also play a critical role in preparing and supporting intermediary nonprofits for disasters, and connecting them with government disaster partners. In recognition of their critical roles and small and under-resourced organizational structures, TSFF supported five intermediaries with more than $500,000 during the 2001-2011 fiscal year.

We believe that greater collaboration within and among nonprofits, government, and philanthropy is critical to ensuring the preparedness, response and resiliency of communities to a disaster, and are working hand-in-hand with all to protect the Bay Area that we all love so dearly.