Public Policy & Civic Engagement

Our political system has a profound impact on our economic, environmental and social well-being.  A just, democratic, inclusive government holds the promise of equity and opportunity, while fair, equitable and reasonable laws and regulations can help improve the lives of our region’s lowest-income communities and communities of color. We believe that many of our current policies perpetuate society’s growing inequities, and that public policy reform and increased civic engagement are needed to improve the lives of everyone. Equitable public policies can generate revenue for communities most in need. For the last three years, the Public Policy and Civic Engagement Program has focused on addressing inequities in California’s budget structure. In 2013, our strategies included grant-making and convenings with organizations that tackled budget reform, and educated and mobilized voters.  Our support of these organizations contributed to the passage of Prop 30, a bill that temporarily raises billions of dollars to improve our schools, and sets California on a path to greater budgetary stability. Our work continues to build on past successes, deepen our commitment to budget and fiscal transparency and reform, and support organizations advocating for policies that create equity and opportunity for all Californians. Our goal is to increase public revenues for programs and services for low-income communities and communities of color and to effectively engage these communities in the public process.

Who We Fund

We make grants to community-based organizations who effectively educate, organize, and engage low-income communities and communities of color in policy change and reform. We also fund organizations that provide research, policy analysis, strategic communications, and other capacity building tools in support of our grantees.

Eligible Organizations

We will invite a limited number of organizations to apply for these funds based on the services they provide to the Bay Area’s low-income communities and communities of color. This is an invitation-only application.

How to Apply

Please note that is not an open call for applications. Grant funds will be awarded on a competitive basis to invited organizations. In order to be considered for funding, invited organizations must submit a full grant application and all of the requested materials through Grantee Center.

Public Policy and Civic Engagement Program Staff
Francesca Vietor
Program Director, Environment, Public Policy, and Civic Engagement 415.733.8517
Tessa Rouverol Callejo
FAITHS Program and Civic Engagement Officer 415.733.8541
Becky Weinberg
Becky Weinberg
Program Assistant, Environment and Public Policy 415.733.8524