Recession Recovery – Three Year Impact

In the recession, a perfect storm of dramatically reduced government, foundation, and individual donations hit the network of organizations serving the region’s most vulnerable people–rendering many on the brink of survival. The San Francisco Foundation acted quickly to shore up the region’s safety net. We made a $15 million commitment over three years to support our nonprofit partners – in food banks, domestic violence prevention, healthcare access, legal services, job training and creation, and foreclosure response – to guarantee the future of these organizations, and the futures of our Bay Area neighbors that they serve.

This funding strategy had a powerful three-fold effect. Evaluations show that Foundation support allowed critical nonprofits to keep their doors open, to build financial stability by leveraging Foundation grants to secure further funding, and to spawn advocacy that compelled the State to contribute an additional $10 million to foreclosure relief and recovery.

IMPACT: Our recession recovery investment strategy ensured the long-term sustainability of more than 100 critical nonprofits, helping prevent hunger, improve health, and create new jobs to support more Bay Area residents on their path back to stability.