Strategy, Discipline, Impact

We seek tremendous, lasting change in community, which comes with discipline and a long-term vision. In these years following the financial crisis, more than ever we are seeing the payoff of this prudence, having a steady hand and not course correcting reactively to market fluctuations. As a result, in fiscal year 2012 the Foundation’s ten-year investment returns reached 7.4% during a time where the world’s major stock and bond markets returned approximately 5% per year. The Foundation’s Long Term Donor Advised Portfolio generated a 12.4% annualized gain over the past three years, which translates to a 42% cumulative return. Our Investment Committee brings their decades of experience as leaders at prominent investment firms to bear at the Foundation. In a time when prudent investing is most challenging, it is also most imperative. The Committee keeps a critical eye toward our long-term vision, and continues to guide our investment strategy with diligent stewardship of our assets to create significant impact in the Bay Area.

IMPACT: The long-term investment strategy of the Foundation produced a ten-year average return of 7.4 percent, outpacing peers and corporate sector investors.