Thirty Years of Bold Initiative

The Koshland Program Legacy

This year we celebrate 30 years of the Koshland Civic Unity Program at The San Francisco Foundation. This program lifts up Bay Area community leaders — risk-takers who are bold in spirit and dedicated to the communities that they serve — and makes a five-year, $300,000 commitment to the neighborhood.

The program embodies Daniel Koshland’s legacy by nurturing leaders, and helping them develop a network of fellow leaders taking on their own communities’ challenges, building a strong web of support and innovation. The program, like the man who it honors, does not claim to have the answers, but through immersion in the community, seeks the changemakers who do. The program has now completed a full generational cycle of its own.

Today, fellows benefit from the mentorship, knowledge, and experience of previous fellows through professional and personal connections. The cycle of fellow to mentor, community leader to knowledgeable teacher, is a beautiful tribute and symbol of the grassroots change Daniel Koshland embraced and encouraged.

Retha Robinson