What Makes a Great Team

As Giants fans, one and all, find their way to the park, or to a friend’s HDTV today, it’s worth reflecting on just what makes a great (baseball) team great.

Is it watching a struggling teammate come out every day and just work hard to improve?
Is it creating an error, but knowing that one of your teammates will lift you up and make the next play look easy, even when it wasn’t?
Is it the reliever who wants to pitch, but wants his starter to have a strong outing?
Is it coming together when your MVP cops to taking steroids?
Is it stepping up to the fill the shoes as the fan favorite?
Is it warming up with your fellow infielder and laughing as you play catch?
Is it when you are the hero, telling the reporter,  “couldn’t have done it without the guys behind me.”
Is it the slumping player saying, “let’s just play together one more day!”
Is it the love of the game?
Is it for the 8 year old fan who the adult says to, “It is ok to boo him. It was a dirty play. But you can only boo at the ball park.”
Is it bringing back the injured season ended guy to do high fives on your long fly?
Is it winning together and living the moment even in the drenching rain?
Is it losing and letting go and looking to the next day?
Is it watching your teammate embrace his daughter in the middle of the field ?

Yes, it is all of this and then some…it’s leading by example, giving your “all” all the  time for you, for the team, for the game, for everyone who is watching.