A (Delicious) Return on Investment

Big news for those who love Japanese food and like to support Bay Area microenterprise!

Onigilly—a local Japanese food business—opened its second location at Four Embarcadero. With some help from La Cocina and Opportunity Fund—both organizations supported by The San Francisco Foundation—Onigilly has expanded from a food cart to a thriving business with two locations.

The San Francisco Foundation also provided a Program Related Investment to Opportunity Fund’s small business loan program, and we are proud that a portion of that loan helped finance Onigilly’s bold move into its first bricks-and-mortar location on Kearny Street.

I first tried Onigilly this summer and discovered healthy, interesting and delicious Japanese food, all wrapped up in an onigiri (brown rice and a savory filling wrapped in seaweed). And this isn’t just any filling: think Canadian snow crab with lemon aioli or agave soy-braised shiitake mushroom. Oh, and did I mention spicy bacon?! Their Four Embarcadero location is just as good. I may be hooked.

Join us in welcoming Onigilly to Four Embarcadero. And apart from enjoying the artistry and flavor of onigiri, you’ll be supporting a local small business creating opportunity in the Bay Area. Maybe you’ll get hooked, too!

Happy eating!

Sarah Abbe Taylor is the investment associate for The San Francisco Foundation’s Program Related Investments Fund, which provide low-interest loans unavailable from traditional lenders to nonprofits and social enterprises so they can create impact.