• Donor Desk: Steven Cohen

    The responses below represent the view of our donor, and not necessarily The San Francisco Foundation. How did you first get involved in philanthropy?  I like to think giving is in my blood through my parents, but I certainly became more serious about philanthropy when my mom—a “philanthro-activist” who started the Ploughshares Fund­—passed in 2006. […]

  • On the Frontline Against Displacement

    In the heart of downtown Oakland stands a seven-story, 23,000-square foot former bank that is now home to six nonprofit organizations, including the building’s owner, The Greenlining Institute. Greenlining advocates for racial and economic justice through policy, research, organizing, and leadership initiatives. The name is a rejoinder to “redlining,” the now-illegal practice of denying services […]

  • Sewing the Seeds of Independence

    On Precita Avenue in Oakland, California, nestled between the N&S Super Discount store and the Bancroft Wash laundromat, stands Irma’s tidy tailor shop and sewing school. Behind the mannequins modeling beaded dresses and made-to-measure jackets, a beige Chihuahua named Comino darts back and forth beneath hundreds of colorful spools of thread hanging on the wall. […]

  • Advancing Equity: Reimagining the Ways a Community Foundation Delivers on Its Mission

    In working with our grantees, partners, and donors, we are reimagining the potential for a community foundation to deliver on its mission. And for us, that includes working to reverse the trajectory of inequality and build a more equitable, inclusive region. Two years after announcing the equity agenda to advance racial equity and economic inclusion, […]

  • Standing up for Sanctuary in Contra Costa County

    The protestors, about 75 strong, showed up at noon outside the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office in Martinez, CA. They marched inside the building, chanting, “We don’t play nice with ICE!” It was February 2017 and the activists were rallying after revelations in an East Bay Express investigation that the sheriff’s department tricked people into […]

  • California’s Defining Moment: Uniting to Restore More than $11 Billion Annually to Schools and Critical Community Services

    This is a defining moment for California. It is our opportunity to affect positive change by putting schools and communities first and restoring more than $11 billion a year to our schools and vital community services without raising taxes on homeowners, renters, and small businesses. It is our opportunity to ensure that all can prosper […]

  • Restore Our Humanity

    “Imagine getting a call from your six-year-old niece. She’s crying and begging me to go get her. She says, ‘I promise I’ll behave, but please get me out of here. I’m all alone.’” – Aunt of a six-year-old girl taken from her parents at the border. Separating children from their families causes irreparable harm, including […]