Sam Ruiz

Santiago “Sam” Ruiz is the Executive Director of Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. (MNC), a large, multi-generational, multi-service nonprofit organization based in San Francisco’s Mission district, with roots in the settlement house movement. He has led the organizations since 1980 and has expanded and strengthen MNC’s core mission and values by ensuring a continuum of high quality services for Latino families. With over 40 years of profession, volunteer, and advocacy service, both in the public and private sector, he has served on numerous county Commissions, Boards and Committees. He was a former Commissioner for San Francisco Recreation and Parks, and currently sits on the board of Instituto Familiar de la Raza and Chinatown Community Development Center. He also leads a number of local and state coalitions to collectively advance policy on early care and education, and parity for Latinos through the San Francisco Latino Parity and Equity Coalition. He is also a former Koshland Fellow and a past recipient of the Koshland award for his leadership in the Mission neighborhood. He is also a former board member and chair of the Koshland Committee.