Long-Term Donor Advised Pool and Endowment Pool Investment Performance

As of December 31, 2018

The San Francisco Foundation uses professional money managers and an independent investment consultant to invest the assets entrusted to us. Diligent stewardship and strong performance mean that together, we can make a greater impact in the Bay Area and beyond.

The following graph and table illustrate the Long-Term Donor Advised Pool’s and Endowment Pool’s performance over time:


The following analysis has been prepared for The San Francisco Foundation by our investment consultant, Michael Miller, Chief Investment Officer of Colonial Consulting, LLC.

Both pools continue to deliver a solid combination of strong absolute and relative returns over longer periods while moderating losses during a difficult year for markets. This is the product of a well-diversified mix of talented investment managers who were chosen using a rigorous approach combined with patience and contrarian thinking.

The markets closed out the year in a volatile state as prices fell sharply. Climates such as these evoke two distinct reactions from investors: anxiety that many experience in reaction to losses; or enthusiasm, which we felt, as history strongly suggests that such moments are nothing less than a gift to long-term investors.


Short-Term Donor Advised Pool Investment Performance

As of December 31, 2018

The following graph and table illustrate the Short-Term Donor Advised Pool’s performance over time:


Socially Responsible Investments

The Socially Responsible Investments Portfolio is externally managed by PAX World Investments. This portfolio is being discontinued as an option for our donors and fundholders as of June 30, 2019. If your fund has an allocation in this Pool, we encourage you to change the allocation now to the Mission-Aligned Investments Pool, Long-Term Pool or Short-Term Pool, based on your philanthropic goals.

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