Disciplined Difference: Investing in Change Together

Strategy, Discipline, Impact—that is the title of our latest Annual Investment Report.

Discipline isn’t a word we hear too often in today’s financial lexicon.When I watch the news the conversation remains focused on swift course corrections, bumps in the road, and a “new world” of short-term reactions.

However, this year more than ever, we have witnessed the importance and pay off of investing for the long run. As the stewards of some of the Bay Area’s greatest philanthropic visionaries, we have the responsibility to be disciplined, to think long-term, and avoid panic-driven decisions.

Charts and graphs may not be the best fodder for conversation (let alone a blog), but when we understand the powerful insights they reveal, they get your full attention. Each year at the Annual Investment Forum we look forward to sharing these insights and the strategies of our Investment Committee with our partners and potential partners. We reflect on how the Committee has guided our investments and we continue to see returns that out-pace the average, and continue to make significant impact in the Bay Area.