Program-Related Investments Fund

Capital with Transformative Impact

Nonprofits and social enterprises have long been the incubators of innovation, with fresh ideas and on-the-ground expertise to meet the needs of their communities. Program-related investments provide nonprofits and social enterprises access to capital to bring these innovative solutions to life. By offering low-interest, long-term capital, our Fund helps organizations build credit, and as loans are repaid new investments are made, recycling capital to benefit the community.

This fund offers high-impact donors a sophisticated, local investment strategy with exceptional social and environmental returns in the Bay Area. Read our Program-Related Investments Fund annual report.

For more information about investing in the PRI Fund, visit Frequently Asked Questions, PRI Fund Overview, or contact the Development and Donor Services team at 415.733.8590 or

Current Portfolio: Stories of Impact

Our PRI borrowers have created great impact in the Bay Area. From the portfolio start date of 2009, here are some of the stories of the transformative change made possible through these partnerships.

Energy Savings and Renewables

Read about:
Eden Housing, Inc.