Professional Advisor Information

Working with Your Clients to Make Change for the Greater Good

For nearly 70 years, The San Francisco Foundation has been the trusted steward of donor assets and investments in the community. Our investment strategy takes the long view so we can continue to be a stable resource to the region over time. Our generous donors and our focused, long-term approach have grown a billion dollar endowment. In 2017, we increased grants out to the community, for a total of $151 million. Those resources supported immediate needs in the community, as well as the complex strategies and solutions that build a better Bay Area.

We value our partnerships with our professional advisors in the legal, accounting, insurance, wealth management and planned giving communities and are committed to working together with you. At The San Francisco Foundation, it’s all about change for the greater good. Change is beautiful, complicated, messy, and takes patience, time, and resources. And we always do it in collaboration. We believe that change happens through people, organizations, neighborhoods, and public policy. We take on the big issues of our time and we don’t take them on alone. Public education, jobs, housing, healthcare reform, and creating strong neighborhoods – we know we must work hand in hand with nonprofits, government, business, our partners in philanthropy, and our donors to create lasting impact.