Grants for People: Expanding Access to Opportunity

In the People pathway, we focus on expanding access to opportunity by removing barriers to meaningful employment, supporting policy change, and improving education so that every Bay Area resident can not only afford to live here, but to thrive.

The San Francisco Foundation serves San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Mateo Counties, and makes grants across the five-county region. The following is a list of grants made in the People pathway:

2017 Equity Grants

Grants are divided by multi-year and one-year durations.

Multi-Year Grants

$80,000 – Asian Prisoner Support Committee

To reduce recidivism rates and strengthen the reentry process for Asian American and Pacific Islander populations in the Bay Area.

$150,000 – Bay Area Black Worker Center

To provide quality jobs and improve working conditions for low-wage Black workers, and to fully implement the Alameda County Re-Entry Hiring Program.

$100,000 – Black Organizing Project

To improve school climate, disrupt the school to prison pipeline and advance socio-economic justice for Black people in Oakland through leadership development, grassroots organizing and building political power.

$100,000 – Building Skills Partnership

To advance low-wage immigrant service workers in Alameda County into better jobs through skill building, training, and increased access to career opportunities.

$200,000 – California Climate Equity Coalition Steering Committee

To maximize health, economic, and environmental benefits for the most vulnerable communities in the Bay Area and across the state by engaging community leadership in designing and implementing climate investments.

$120,000 – California Immigrant Policy Center

To increase access to workforce development programs for immigrants in the Bay Area, build stronger regional organizing infrastructure for immigrants and to improve relationships between immigrants and local law enforcement in the region.

$80,000 – Californians for Justice Education Fund

To improve educational outcomes, increase student connection to school and decrease suspensions for underprivileged children in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD).

$150,000 – Californians for Safety and Justice

To provide project support to improve access to opportunities for formerly incarcerated populations in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties as well as to advance public safety priorities that do not rely on criminalization and incarceration.

$100,000 – Center for Employment Opportunities

To provide employment support services and transitional employment to men and women on parole or probation in Alameda County.

$225,000 – Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ)

To provide multi-year core support to implement criminal and youth justice reforms and reallocate funding from punitive practices toward community-based alternatives in Alameda County.

$300,000 – Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

To provide multi-year core support to reduce incarceration rates for people of color, increase criminal justice reinvestment into equity-based, community serving programs and advocate for criminal justice systems change in Alameda County.

$80,000 – First Place for Youth

To provide affordable, stable housing, intensive case management, personalized education, and employment support to 250 at-risk foster youth in San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa Counties through the My First Place Career Pathways Program, annually.

$100,000 – Good Jobs for All Collaborative

To provide core support to the Good Jobs for all Collaborative to expand job opportunities for underserved people in San Francisco by developing sector specific hiring policies.

$120,000 – Jewish Vocational Services

To increase career advancement opportunities for low wage workers, formerly incarcerated populations, opportunity youth, immigrants, people of color and other individuals with high barriers to employment in the Bay Area.

$100,000 – JobTrain

To provide a core operating grant that supports JobTrain programs including: job training, job placement, career pathways, and support services to immigrants, youth, and re-entry populations in San Mateo County.

$100,000 – Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

To assist in the expansion of “Ban the Box” campaigns to include housing and education as well as reduce the imposition of excessive fines and fees within the criminal justice system in San Francisco, Contra Costa, Alameda and San Mateo Counties.

$75,000 – Mindful Life Project

To improve educational outcomes, improve school climate, break the school to prison pipeline and decrease suspensions in Contra Costa County through mindfulness practices.

$160,000 -New Door Ventures

To prepare disconnected youth ages 16-24 for employment and education through job training, case management, academic support and paid job placement.

$100,000 – Open Opportunities, Inc.

To support Open Opportunities, Inc.’s Future Build program to provide low-income, unemployed residents of East Contra Costa County with the vocational training necessary to secure employment in the solar energy, manufacturing, and construction industries.

$150,000 – Opportunity Junction

To provide core operating support for a comprehensive program of skills training, work experience, job placement, and follow-up support that enables opportunity youth of East Contra Costa County to embark on administrative careers leading to self-sufficiency.

$200,000 – REDF

To establish a multi-stakeholder coalition comprised of workforce development agencies, public and private employers, support service providers, and social enterprises to expand job opportunities for opportunity youth and formerly incarcerated people in the Bay Area.

$160,000 – Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC-United)

To support the advancement of racial and economic equity in the Bay Area restaurant industry by building racially-just career ladders for people of color, formerly incarcerated people, and immigrants; and by expanding job training and placement for low-wage workers.

$100,000 – Root & Rebound

To increase access to legal assistance, education and employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals in the Bay Area.

$80,000 – Safe Return Project

To provide core support for Safe Return Project to expand its work into East Contra Costa, specifically Pittsburg and Antioch and remove barriers to success for the formerly incarcerated.

$123,000 – Street Level Health Project

To provide vocational training, job placement, culturally-responsive outreach, and site-based health services to low-wage immigrant day laborers in Alameda County.

$150,000 – The Mentoring Center

To support The Mentoring Center’s pilot, EMERGE Reentry Project, to improve educational outcomes and successful reentry for girls and young women involved in the juvenile and criminal legal systems in Alameda County.

$150,000 – TransForm

To build community power and win advocacy campaigns that: allocates resources for the expansion of public transportation; reduces the cost of transit; ensures that new mobility choices, such as bike share, are affordable; and ensures transit planning mitigates the potential for displacement.

$100,000 – UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education

To incubate and activate a Labor and Mass Incarceration Project in Contra Costa County through the Dellums African American Union Leadership School (The Dellums School).

$100,000 – Urban Peace Movement

To reduce mass incarceration and increase job opportunities for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted youth in Alameda County through youth leadership development, organizing and systems change work.

$200,000 – Working Partnerships, USA

To advance policies and programs for low-wage workers to secure better jobs and access career opportunities in the utilities and clean energy sectors and lead a regional coalition to combat displacement and improve jobs for low-wage incumbent workers in the technology-based economy.

One-Year Grants

$50,000 – Alameda County Public Defender’s Office Clean Slate Program

To increase job opportunities, reduce recidivism and create “Clinic to Career Pipeline” for formerly incarcerated populations in Alameda County.

$50,000 – Beyond Emancipation

To build employment skills and provide job readiness for up to 250 foster and systems-involved youth ages 17-24 in Alameda County, through Beyond Emancipation’s Workforce Pathways Program.

$75,000 – California Clean Energy Fund

To build equity into clean energy entrepreneurship in the Bay Area through the Explorers in Residence (XIR) program, with a focus on recruiting immigrants and formerly incarcerated people.

$80,000 – California EDGE Campaign

To provide state-level education, advocacy, and technical assistance to policymakers in Sacramento and to build a Bay Area regional workforce advocacy coalition.

$35,000 – Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice

To provide project support to build the capacity of Bay Area communities to advocate for the reallocation of millions of dollars of state grant funding for reentry services and rehabilitation programs that reduce mass incarceration and justice-systems involvement.

$50,000 – Community Works West

To engage and empower children of incarcerated parents to advocate for criminal justice policy reform in Contra Costa County.

$50,000 – Dream Corps

To design a Bay Area green infrastructure jobs initiative (Green New Deal) that will rebuild the Bay Area region for increased climate resilience and benefit those left out of the region’s economic prosperity.

$50,000 – Essie Justice Group

To mitigate the disproportional impact of the criminal justice system on people of color by ending the use of money bail in California and to establish a network of 150 women with incarcerated loved ones in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo and San Francisco counties.

$50,000 – Jobs with Justice San Francisco Bay Area

To support a regional coalition of diverse community and labor groups in San Francisco and to advance strategic campaigns that will improve the quality of low-wage jobs and expand access to middle wage jobs for people of color, low-wage workers, formerly incarcerated individuals, and immigrants.

$100,000 – LeadersUp

To provide backbone project support for the Bay Area Young Men of Color Employment Partnership (BAYEP), to bring together employers, policymakers and community leaders to train employ, and retain 500 young men of color (YMOC) in entry level and sustainable wage jobs over the next two to three years.

$50,000 – Mission Asset Fund

To provide low-income and immigrant families in the Bay Area with quality, stable jobs through entrepreneurship and U.S. citizenship.

$50,000 – Office of the Public Defender, Contra Costa County

To support the implementation of Prop 47 and protect immigrants in Contra Costa County from deportation by providing outreach, enrollment, and legal representation for an estimated 2,500 cases in twelve (12) months.

$100,000 – PolicyLink

To enhance public safety in San Francisco through increased transparency and accountability of the San Francisco Police Officers Association.

$50,000 – Rising Sun Energy Center

To provide training and job placements to unemployed or low-wage workers in trade-union and solar careers by supporting Rising Sun’s Green Energy Services (GETS) program and building Rising Sun’s policy advocacy capacity to increase resources in the green energy and solar sector.

$50,000 – Solar Richmond

To provide vocational training and leadership development for low-income communities of color to participate in the green economy and advocate for policy change.

$30,000 – The Anti Police-Terror Project

To provide core support to the Anti-Police Terror Project (APTP) to strengthen their organizational infrastructure, expand their grassroots organizing efforts, build community leadership in East Oakland, and adapt its model to respond to ICE raids.

$100,000 – The Financial Justice Project

The City of San Francisco will launch the nation’s first citywide Financial Justice Project to assess and reform how tickets, fines, and fees impact San Francisco’s most vulnerable residents.

$75,000 – The Greenlining Institute

To benefit low-income communities and communities of color in the Bay Area through a green jobs agenda in the clean energy and green infrastructure sector.

$70,000 – WE RISE SF – Labor Center for Immigrant Justice

To build a strong immigrant union workforce in San Francisco by providing high-quality immigrant legal and wraparound services, developing immigrant union leadership, and strengthening the immigrant voice in the labor movement.

$60,000 – Year Up Bay Area

To provide 480 opportunity youth ages 18-24 in the East Bay with the education, professional skills, training, and internship experience necessary to reach economic self-sufficiency.

$50,000 – Young Women’s Freedom Center

To transform the systems that keep formerly incarcerated, at-risk cis and trans young women in Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties in poverty, cycles of violence, and/or incarcerated.

$60,000 – Youth Employment Partnership, Inc.

To implement a social enterprise strategy in Oakland that provides comprehensive education services to support GED/High School Diploma attainment, creates transitional employment for young adults with barriers to employment, and fills the gap between job training and permanent employment.

Cross Pathway Grants

$50,000 – Equal Justice Society

To advance the dismantling of the school-to-prison pipeline and improve student social and emotional health by addressing implicit bias and structural racism in Bay Area public schools.

$100,000 – Family Independence Initiative (multi-year grant)

To trust, invest, and learn from families, provide them access to direct financial investments, and shift negative stereotypes of low-income communities.

$30,000 – Floodgate Academy Inc.

To enable Floodgate Academy to accept donations for scholarships, and get accreditation as a government recognized apprenticeship/training program in order to qualify for workforce development and apprenticeship grants.

$30,000 – Flourish Agenda

To address racial trauma experienced by youth of color and the educators and service providers that support them by teaching Flourish Agenda’s Radical Healing model.

$30,000 – Jamestown Community Center

To support organizing, leadership development training, and civic engagement of low-income, immigrant parents in San Francisco public schools to promote systemic change and address the inequities in educational access and opportunity.

$50,000 – Nuestra Casa de East Palo Alto

To serve as a vital support for marginalized Latino families in East Palo Alto.

Past Grants

$250,000 – Asian Pacific Environmental Network 
To educate, organize, and expand opportunities for low-income Asian Pacific Islander immigrants and refugees in the Bay Area.

$100,000 – California EDGE Campaign
To provide core support to broaden and deepen the social equity work of the EDGE Coalition, a statewide advocacy coalition united in the belief that California’s future rests largely on the skill base of its workers.

$50,000 – Californians for Safety and Justice
To ensure that as many people as possible benefit from Prop 47, that the law is protected and advanced, and that the results from implementing the law transforms lives and systems.

$25,000 – City of East Palo Alto
To support the completion of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Challenge Playbook and draft the MBK Local Action Plan for the City of East Palo Alto.

$25,000 – City Of Oakland, Office of the Mayor
To support the City of Oakland’s implementation of My Brother’s Keeper Local Action Plan.

$25,000 – City of Richmond – City Manager’s Office 
To support the City of Richmond’s implementation of My Brother’s Keeper Local Community Challenge Action Plan, and to expand employment, training and education programs for boys and men of color in Richmond.

$12,000 – Council of Community Housing Organizations
To build and sustain San Francisco’s Transportation Justice Coalition and advance transit equity in the region.

$50,000 – The Education Trust-West
To support a landscape analysis of educational equity issues in the Bay Area.

$112,265 – Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
For core operating support to sustain Ella Baker Center’s policy advocacy and organizing work and to expand access to opportunities for families and communities most damaged by racism, classism, and our nation’s criminal justice system.

$250,000 – East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
To expand economic opportunity and stem displacement by: strengthening worker and resident leadership; passing and implementing policies that raise the floor on low-wage jobs; opening the door to middle class careers; and empowering low-wage workers.

$75,000 – The Greenlining Institute
To expand racial and economic opportunity in the Bay Area by directing public and private resources to the most vulnerable communities.

$25,000 – Office of the Mayor San Francisco 
To support the implementation of San Francisco’s My Brother’s Keeper Local Action Plan.

$27,585 – Office of the Public Defender, Contra Costa County
To support a public-private partnership to accelerate Prop 47 petitions in Contra Costa County.

$250,000 – Public Advocates
To create a more equitable region through improved planning, more public investment, increased affordable housing production, better transit service, and protection against displacement.

$150,000 – REDF
To expand job opportunities and economic sustainability for people overcoming high barriers to employment by strengthening social enterprises and associated support networks.

$150,000 – Reentry Success Center
To provide core support for the delivery of an innovative program model designed to foster successful reentry of formerly incarcerated people through a set of integrated supports and services.

$75,000 – Self-Help for the Elderly
To increase the number of eligible low-income, legal permanent residents who become citizens and new voters in San Francisco, and increase their access to economic opportunities.

$250,000 – Urban Habitat
To support research, coalition building, and advocacy to equalize transportation investments, pass tenant protections, secure funds for affordable housing, and build capacity in suburban neighborhoods experiencing an increase in poverty among people of color.

$100,000 – Urban Strategies Council 
To create an inclusive hiring strategy for boys and men of color in the Bay Area.

$50,000 – W. Haywood Burns Institute
To support a landscape analysis of youth and adult criminal justice issues.

$50,000 – Working Partnerships, USA
To increase public funding for essential services for low-income communities and to improve standards and advance jobs for low-wage workers.

These grants support work across the three pathways:

$50,000 – Bay Area Black United Fund
To support a data scoping project for TSFF’s Regional Equity Agenda.

$125,000 – KQED, Inc. 
To support coverage of racial and economic inequities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

$200,000 – USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) 
To support the production of a regional equity data infrastructure for the Bay Area that will support equity advocacy campaigns.