Grants for Power: Nurturing Equity Movements

Through the Power pathway, we believe that economic and racial equity will only be possible if we commit our resources to nurturing political voice and economic engagement for our increasingly diverse Bay Area community.

The San Francisco Foundation serves San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Mateo Counties, and makes grants across the five-county region. A list of grants for the Power pathway is as follows:

2017 Equity Grants

Grants are divided by multi-year and one-year durations.

Multi-Year Grants

$80,000 – ACCE Institute – National Office

To support community organizing and resident leadership building in low-income, Bay Area neighborhoods that are most at risk for displacement, in order to win policies that increase equity at the local, regional, and state level.

$108,000 – Asian Americans Advancing Justice/Asian Law Caucus

To strengthen policy advocacy, community organizing, and legal services on key racial justice and economic equity issues, including wage theft, eviction and deportation defense, and discriminatory religious and ethnic profiling for communities of color.

$40,000 – AYPAL: Building API Community Power

To place youth at the center of anti-displacement efforts in order to mitigate and disrupt the effects of gentrification in highly targeted areas in Oakland.

$80,000 – Bend the Arc:  A Jewish Partnership for Justice

To engage in organizing, policy advocacy, and leadership development while mobilizing progressive Jews on racial and economic equity issues in the Bay Area.

$80,000 – California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance

To create an infrastructure for leadership development of the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance’s network and to support organizing and advocacy by immigrant youth to improve the living conditions of immigrant communities.

$100,000 – Central American Resource Center – Carecen

To strengthen immigrant rights advocacy, legal representation, community health, and coalition building work in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

$150,000 – Chinese Progressive Association

To strengthen the overall leadership and capacity of the Chinese immigrant community in building power and voice with other low-income communities of color through organizing, integrated voter engagement and movement building strategies.

$80,000 – Communities for a Better Environment

To build the power of low-income East Bay immigrants, youth leaders and voters of color to organize for environmental justice, and collaborate with other sectors to advance an equity agenda.

$80,000 – Dolores Street Community Services

To advance just and equitable land use, affordable housing, and immigrant rights policies and practices by amplifying the voices and increasing the leadership of the San Francisco Mission District’s immigrant and very low-income communities.

$80,000 – East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy

To deepen coalition partnerships; amplify worker and faith community voices, and harness collective action to shift the public narrative and political landscape; and, pass policies that protect immigrants, raise labor standards, and ensure just housing for all.

$225,000 – Faith in Action Bay Area

To develop leaders, especially from low-income and communities of color in San Mateo and San Francisco counties, who are prepared to build the requisite power to confront racial and economic inequity in the region.

$80,000 – Filipino Advocates for Justice

To win rent control and just cause eviction in Union City and Alameda and build immigrant defense beyond Oakland, by developing leaders, strengthening local organizing, and continuing to develop local partnerships.

$80,000 – Filipino Community Center

To expand and deepen our regional impact by conducting strategic campaigns, new organizing and coalition building with Filipinos and allies fighting to stay in SF and those forced to move around the Bay Area.

$70,000 – Forward Together

To strengthen the Bay Area movement for racial and economic justice by infusing cultural strategies that build the voice and political power of impacted communities and develop the skills and leadership of artists as social change agents.

$100,000 – Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

To implement intersecting public education, organizing, and movement building strategies that develop the leadership of Bay Area immigrants, amplify their voices, and unite them with multi-racial, interfaith allies.

$225,000 – Mujeres Unidas y Activas

To build the community power and voice of Latina immigrant women; strengthen the leadership of critical immigrant rights and domestic worker rights coalitions; and expand the base of politically-engaged Latina immigrants and families.

$150,000 – Oakland Rising

To increase the civic participation of voters who are working class, immigrant and/or of color in Oakland; align and coordinate progressive forces, and develop values-based leaders.

$80,000 – People Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights

To support community organizing and movement building with Latino immigrant families, foster a more equitable, resilient San Francisco, and advance policies and practices that lead to healthy, thriving communities locally, regionally, and throughout California.

$124,998 – RYSE Youth Center

To cultivate youth leaders in Richmond and West Contra Costa County who are committed to racial justice, safety, equity and liberation and to support a capital campaign for the purchase and renovation of RYSE Commons that will serve as the RYSE Center’s office and program site.

$150,000 – San Francisco Rising

To empower low-income San Francisco voters of color with ongoing integrated voter engagement campaigns focused on housing, jobs, immigration, neighborhood development and progressive revenue measures for low-income people and communities of color.

$60,000 – South of Market Community Action Network (SOMCAN)

To build and sustain the leadership and civic engagement of South of Market residents to address transit inequity.

$80,000 – Tenants Together

To strengthen a coalition of grassroots renters’ rights organizations in Contra Costa County to overcome state policies and narratives that enable local rent gouging/displacement and undermine housing stability for communities of color in the Bay Area.

One-year Grants

$25,000 – Alameda Renters Coalition

To engage community residents in anti-displacement organizing in the City of Alameda.

$50,000 – Bay Area Organizing Committee

To organize immigrant and low-income parents and community members in support of educational equity in Marin County, particularly in San Rafael.

$50,000 – Black Alliance for Just Immigration

To build a base of Black immigrant and African American activists and organizations to combat racial injustice, harsh immigration enforcement, and economic inequality.

$30,000 – Carroll Ministries International

To establish a political advocacy coalition drawn from the Bay Area’s African American Churches to advocate for environmentally sustainable policies in our region.

$80,000 – Center for Social Inclusion, Inc.

To support local governments in transforming their operations and organizational cultures so that they become more receptive to community needs and are equipped to advance racial equity in their communities.

$100,000 – CultureStrike

To strengthen movements for change in the Bay Area and beyond by influencing public discourse, and building resilience and cultural capacity in communities of color, amongst artists and culture makers, and within networks of community organizers.

$100,000 – East Bay Asian Youth Center

To support the East 14th St. Congress of Neighborhoods Project, a network of five grassroots base-building organizations in East Oakland dedicated to improving the quality of life for all children, youth, and families, particularly along the bus rapid transit corridor of International Boulevard.

$50,000 – El/La Para TransLatinas

To strengthen El/La Para TransLatinas’ infrastructure by developing internal systems that build the capacity of TransLatinas to advocate for services as well as criminal justice and immigration reforms for the community.

$50,000 – First 5 Contra Costa Community Engagement Program

To reduce inequities for low-income families in Contra Costa County through resident-driven advocacy, engagement with elected officials, and grassroots campaigns for equitable land use, housing, health, and immigration policies.

$40,000 – Grassroots Policy Project

To support the California Roadmap Project’s effort to align the strategic vision, narrative and long-term agenda of the major community organizing groups in the state.

$50,000 – Latina Center, Inc.

To develop strong leadership among women and girls and thereby increase civic participation among Latino families, build local power to influence school policies and practices, and promote the equitable distribution of school resources in West Contra Costa County.

$80,000 – Movement Strategy Center

To advance a deep regional equity agenda in partnership with The San Francisco Foundation, community leaders, organizations, networks and alliances in the Bay Area.

$50,000 – Regional Tenant Organizing Network

To prevent displacement and stabilize housing for Bay Area residents and their families through building local and regional tenant power, particularly outside larger cities in the region.

$50,000 – Rubicon Programs, Inc.

To build Rubicon’s organizational capacity for public policy advocacy and increase the economic mobility of West Contra Costa job seekers.

$10,000 – Students for Education Reform

To support the West Contra Costa Student Organizing Project, which identifies and trains young people as grassroots organizers to advance educational reform in the county’s school system.

$20,000 – Village Community Resource Center

To support the expansion of after school programming for struggling immigrant families in East Contra Costa County

$40,000 – You, Me, We Oakley!

To increase civic engagement of Oakley’s immigrant communities while simultaneously developing city staff to be better equipped to serve Oakley’s diverse community.

$50,000 – Youth United for Community Action

To organize high schoolers across San Mateo County to create and conduct campaigns that improve the lives of undocumented immigrant youth, and young people more generally.

Cross Pathway Grants

$25,000 – Brown Boi Project

To promote efforts to remove economic, racial and gender based barriers for LGBTQ leaders of color through strategic interventions including lending circles, career coaching, financial literacy and leadership trainings.

$80,000 – Chinese for Affirmative Action (multi-year grant)

To engage low-income Chinese immigrants in becoming leaders and vocal advocates on issues impacting immigrant communities at local, state, and federal levels. Leadership development strategies will consist of political education, traditional media and social media outreach, and civic engagement.

$50,000 – Family Story (multi-year grant)

To pilot a fellowship project that amplifies the voices of low-income, unmarried Black mothers by providing political education, communications training, and developing opportunities for them to change the dominant narrative by sharing their stories that create positive images of single-motherhood.

$50,000 – Pangea Legal Services

To collaborate in a community-led Migra Watch that confronts U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids and empowers immigrants to respond effectively and access legal and defense resources.

$30,000 – The New American Story Project

To strengthen movements for change in the Bay Area by influencing public discourse around new Americans, through development of an innovative digital project that tells the stories of new immigrants and refugees through interactive website/social media content and public art installations.

$30,000 – Youth Speaks

To create a network of community-based organizations and classroom teachers with strengthened leadership and collaborations across the Bay Area working to amplify the voices of young people, and building lasting infrastructure at both the school level and community level.




Past Grants

$300,000 – Bay Area Rising
To strengthen and expand the civic engagement infrastructure at a regional scale to build the political power of low-income communities of color through integrated voter engagement, organizing, and movement building strategies.

$450,000 – California Calls 
To increase the capacity of key Bay Area organizations to enhance voter engagement and the civic participation of Bay Area communities of color with a particular focus on African-American communities.

$100,000 – East Bay Asian Youth Center 
To support the E. 14th Street Congress of Neighborhoods Project, a collaborative effort of neighborhood-based resident organizations in East Oakland, to address development and displacement, and increase the organized voice, power, and influence of low-income communities of color.

$225,000 – Mobilize the Immigrant Vote 
To advance racial justice and promote equity by building the voting power, leadership, and organizing capacity of low-income immigrant and refugee new Americans in the Bay Area and across California.

$10,000 – RYSE Youth Center 
To promote the creation of a ballot measure for the establishment of a Richmond Fund for Children and Youth.

These grants support work across the three pathways:

$50,000 – Bay Area Black United Fund 
To support a data scoping project for TSFF’s Regional Equity Agenda.

$125,000 – KQED, Inc. 
To support coverage of racial and economic inequities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

$200,000 – USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) 
To support the production of a regional equity data infrastructure for the Bay Area that will support equity advocacy campaigns.

Rapid Response for Movement Building

The Rapid Response Fund for Movement Building was established within the Power pathway to provide one-time, small grants of within 30 days or less of receiving a request from a community-based organization. The nature of the fund gives priority to requests from small or emerging grassroots organizations working to advance full racial and economic inclusion.

A list of the grants awarded to date is as follows:

$5,000 – Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA) 
To host a series of community gatherings at the Islamic Cultural and Community Center to a create safe space and a plan of action for addressing the increase in hate crimes and bullying against South Asian communities.

$15,000 – Arab Resources and Organizing Center 
To support the Community Defense Project that will provide legal and self-defense trainings for Bay Area Arab youth in response to threats of increased deportations and the creation of a national Muslim registry; written educational materials will be distributed in English and Arabic, and trainings will be conducted in both languages.

$15,000 – Asian Americans Advancing Justice -Asian Law Caucus 
To support a strategic planning retreat for members of ASPIRE, the first Pan-Asian undocumented immigrant-led group in the country; the retreat is intended to create a safe space for undocumented API immigrant youth to discuss issues they will face under the new administration and to develop a short-term emergency action plan in response to the threat of a mass deportation plan

$15,000 – California Immigrants Youth Justice Alliance 
To create a community-led deportation defense model that places directly impacted communities at the center of their own defense; training a network of neighborhood-led, immigration response teams in San Mateo, San Francisco and Marin Counties through community outreach, education, advocacy, and legal representation

$15,000 – Canal Alliance 
To educate the immigrant community of Marin County about their legal rights through providing 15 community education presentations; topics will include know your rights, basics of immigration law and how to prepare in the event of a raid

$15,000 – Canal Welcome Center 
To convene civic, youth and faith leaders to mobilize and respond to an increase in hate incidents in Marin County and create a youth action group to advocate for a county ordinance to stop local law enforcement from collaborating with immigration enforcement officials

$15,000 – East Bay Immigrant Youth Coalition
To create a community-led deportation defense model that places directly impacted communities at the center of their own defense, train a network of neighborhood-led, immigration response teams in San Mateo, San Francisco and Marin Counties through community outreach, education, advocacy and legal representation

$15,000 – East Bay Spanish Speaking Citizens’ Foundation 
To facilitate 12 immigration “Know Your Rights” workshops in the next six months to respond to the increase demand for legal information and services

$15,000 – Equity Labs
To provide digital security trainings for Muslim, Arab, South Asian, immigrant and LGBTQ serving organizations as well as religious institutions; providing individual consultations to the organizations to review their digital vulnerabilities and help them implement security plans

$15,000 – Islamic Network, Inc. 
To prevent and address bullying of Muslim students in the Bay Area by:
1) hosting onsite school trainings for at least 150 Muslim parents equipping them with tools and resources to prevent bullying and harassment; 2) training and certifying at least 50 Muslim students in bullying prevention; and 3) providing cultural competency seminars for school staff in 5 school districts to develop sensitivity protocols to better serve Muslim students

$15,000 – Mission Graduates 
To host immigration “Know Your Rights” workshops in partnership with community based organizations and mental health providers at 14 school sites in San Francisco Unified School District including providing training and resources to teachers at 3 elementary schools in the district.

$13,910 – Partnerships with Trauma Recovery
To address the post-election rise in hate incidences against refugees, asylum seekers and unaccompanied children in the Bay Area through post-traumatic healing and resiliency groups; sessions will be co-facilitated by trained community leaders who play a critical role as health interpreters, all former refugees and asylum seekers

$15,000 – RYSE Center
Launch a 100-day “Love and Rage in Action” series of workshops for youth and young adults to learn about immigration “Know Your Rights,” self-defense, cultural resistance and deportation defense trainings

$10,000 – Sikh Family Center 
To develop immigration “Know Your Rights” written handouts and videos tailored to the inform the Sikh community; written materials will be translated in English and Punjabi, and leaders will help with the helpline

$15,000 – South of Market Community Action Network 
To inform Filipino immigrants about their legal rights by conducting immigration “Know Your Rights” workshops in Tagalog in the Tenderloin and Excelsior neighborhoods in San Francisco; workshops will be held twice a month for six months

$10,000 – The African Advocacy Network 
To conduct immigration “Know Your Rights” presentations in French, Haitian Creole, Amharic, and Tigrina languages and inform African immigrants about their legal right; to engage participants in volunteer opportunities to support their diverse language capacity and referral program

$15,000 – Trabajo Cultural Caminante 
To train Spanish speaking community leaders to conduct immigration “Know Your Rights” presentations across five Bay Area counties; trainers will use popular education and artistic cultural art methods to conduct four community trainings per county

$15,000 – Transgender Law Center 
To conduct five immigration “Know Your Rights” presentations and legal clinics for transgender and gender nonconforming immigrants in the Bay Area and to increase capacity to sustain its immigration legal helpline

$15,000 – University of California, Berkeley Undocumented Student Program
To conduct two immigration legal clinics serving 80 students seeking to apply for emergency advance parole and renewals for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program; in addition, the program will create an expanded legal safety net by establishing a secure, rapid text alert system for use in the event of an immigration raid

$5,000 – West Marin Community Services 
Conduct at least two immigration “Know Your Rights” presentations and organize a day of action on January 20; the day of action titled “Our Community Standing Together” is a collaborative effort to inform the immigrant community about their rights and strategize a local comprehensive plan in the event of mass deportation

$15,000 – You, Me, We Oakly! 
To host 1-2 informational sessions for youth who are eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewals; in partnership with International Institute of the Bay Area and the City of Oakly, YMEO will host immigration “Know Your Rights” presentations to inform immigrants about their legal rights and screen DACA recipients for more permanent immigration remedies.