Learning From Our Donors: Partnering to Advance Equity

In January we invited a group of our donors to a focus group on the Foundation’s new strategic direction. The discussion was rich, inspiring and demonstrated how donors are such important partners in our work to build a more inclusive Bay Area for all.

Those in the room reflect the diversity of interests and aspirations of our donor community, bringing different experiences, networks and leadership roles to bear. We recognize that this elevated level of engagement with our donors can move our work so much faster and deeper.

We heard a clear desire from attendees for more opportunities to engage with the Foundation, that we search for new ways to partner in our work that goes beyond dollars, creating space where donors can learn from each other, and for opportunities for donors to be advocates.

It is a pleasure for us any time we can learn more about the passions and interests of our donors, and how they see their partnership with the Foundation as a way to achieve their charitable goals. We truly appreciate the dedication of donors that took the time to come to the Foundation and share their thoughts and insights.

We will continue to provide updates of our progress and the launch of our new strategy in the coming months.

If you are interested in learning more about how you might partner with us to achieve your goals, please reach out to our Donor Services team at donorservices@sff.org or 415.733.8590.