Community Leadership Awardees since 1963

2011 Awardees

Bishop Yvette A. Flunder
Gonzalo Rucobo
John Santos
Jordan Simmons
Ravenswood Family Health Center

2010 Awardees

Dr. Washington Burns
Anna Halprin
Sylvia Rosales-Fike
East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation

2009 Awardees

Mary Lou Breslin
Michael Franti
Eugene Rodriguez
Children’s Book Press
National Center for Lesbian Rights

2008 Awardees

Van Jones
Malcolm Margolin
Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez
Asian Women’s Shelter

2007 Awardees

Jane Garcia
Alonzo King
Eva Paterson
Arnold Perkins
Swords to Plowshares

2006 Awardees

Dr. Joseph Marshall, Jr.
Michael Morgan
Bishop William Swing
Alice Waters

2005 Awardees

Ronald V. Dellums
Zakarya Diouf
Arabella Martinez
Insight Prison Project

2004 Awardees

Chris Bischof
Ester Hernández
Dr. Barbara Staggers
Puente de la Costa Sur

2003 Awardees

Sister Trinitas Hernandez
Mimi Silbert
Helen Waukazoo
Mother Brown’s Dining Room

2002 Awardees

David Lee
Martha Ryan
Carlos Santana
Bridge Housing Corporation

2001 Awardees

Harrison Lim
Margarget Cruz
Kouichoy Saechao
San Francisco Performances

2000 Awardees

Margarete Connolly
Martin Jacks
Cultural Odyssey’s Medea Project
Building Futures With Women and Children

1999 Awardees

Boona Cheema
Dorothy Smith Patterson
Asian Perinatal Advocates
La Peña Cultural Center

1998 Awardees

Ruth Beckford
Marya Grambs
A Home Away from Homelessness
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

Prior to 1997, The San Francisco Foundation honored extraordinary accomplishments in public service through the Special Awards Program. Four awards were given annually up until 1996: the John R. May Award, the Robert C. Kirkwood Award, The San Francisco Foundation Award, and the Helen Crocker Russell Award. The Awards Program has been restructured so that the current Community Leadership Awards are given in the same spirit of leadership and recognition as the original leadership awards.

John R. May Awards ($5,000)

Made for organizational initiatives in response to a significant contemporary problem.

1975    Catholic Youth Organization
1976    Banana’s Inc.
1977    Center for Independent Living, Inc.
1978    On Lok Senior Health Services
1979    Volunteer Centers of Alameda County
1980    Environmental Traveling Companions
1981    Community Boards
1982    Family Violence Project
1983    Coleman Children and Youth Services
1984    Visiting Nurses & Hospice of San Francisco
1985    Jubilee West, Inc.
1986    Eden Express
1987    Bay Area Crisis Nursery, Shanti Project
1988    Battered Women’s Association
1989    San Francisco Conservation Corps
1990    Innovative Housing
1991    Larkin Street Youth Center
1992    Berkeley Oakland Support Services
1993    Rubicon Programs, Inc.
1994    Black Adoption Placement & Research Center
1995    Rafael House
1996    The Garden Project

Robert C. Kirkwood Award ($1,500)

Made to an individual in recognition of outstanding community service, commitment, and inspired leadership.

1964   Adrien J. Falk
1965   The Coro Foundation
1966   James Day
1967   Rev. Jesse James
1968   Roger W. Heyns
1969   No award given
1970   No award given
1971   Yori Wada
1972   Dorothy Erskine
1973   Ruth Chance
1974   Ruth Asawa
1975   Milton Salkind
1976   Dr. Frank Oppenheimer
1977   Rev. Gene Dawson
1978   Sandi Piccine and Pat Coates
1979   Samuel Stewart
1980   Eunice Dalton
1981   No award given
1982   Cornell Maier
1983   Henry Der
1984   Margaret Douglas and Percy Steele
1985   Esther Gulick, Catherine Kerr, Sylvia McLaughlin
1986   Dr. Mary B. Olney
1987   Joseph W. Valentine
1988   Lillian Rabinowitz
1989   Patricia Costello
1990   Adele Corvin
1991   Feliz Elizalde
1992   Rudolph Nothenberg
1993   Marjorie G. Stern
1994   Dr. Edward A. Chow
1995   Gladys Thacher
1996   Frances Green

The San Francisco Foundation Award ($1,500)

Made to an individual demonstrating exemplary commitment to improving human relations in the Bay Area.

1963   Genevieve Jefferson
1964   Danta Andreotti
1965   Sister Rose Maureen Kelly
1966   Percy Pinkney
1967   J.K. Choy
1968   Grandvel Jackson
1969   Earl Raab
1970   Beth Cobb
1971   Leandro P. Soto
1972   William L. Becker
1973   Lovie McIntosh
1974   Kenneth C.L. Cabb
1975   Florette W. Pomeroy
1976   Sam Yuen
1977   Calvin Anderson
1978   Moses Grossman, MD
1979   Father Donald Burr MacKinnon
1980   Belva Davis
1981   Eunice Jackson
1982   Barbara Cross
1983   Herman J. McKenzie
1984   Carlota Texidor del Portillo
1985   David K. Yamakawa, Jr.
1986   Francisco J. Curry, MD
1987   Eleanor Curry
1988   Rev. Frank Gilbert
1989   Dr. Mervyn Silverman
1990   Dr. Edward Blakely
1991   Lewis H. Butler
1992   Angela Glover Blackwell
1993   Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr.
1994   Jeffrey Mori
1995   Carl Anthony
1996   Sandy Close
1997   Sherry Hirota

Helen Crocker Russell Awards ($5,000)

Made to nonprofit organizations that have improved the quality of life in the Bay Area through programs in the arts, humanities, recreation, environmental protection, or enhancement.

1992   Save Mount Diablo, The Oakland Museum
1993   Bread and Roses, The Greenbelt Alliance
1994   East Bay Center for Performing Arts, Oakland East Bay Symphony
1995   The Bay Institute of San Francisco, Golden Gate National Park Association, Peninsula Open Space Trust
1996   Museum of Children’s Art, National Institute of Art & Disabilities