Standing with Orlando

Our hearts are with the families and LGBTQ community in Orlando. It is unfathomable what happened in your community and what is happening too often in the places that our friends, neighbors, and family members have created to safely live, laugh, dance, praise, and love. We stand with you.

Turning our grief into action

Orlando is 3,000 miles from San Francisco, but what happened at Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2016 affects all of us. Whether we are members of the LGBTQ, Latino, or Muslim communities, or merely neighbors, friends, colleagues, friends or family, our psyche, our sense of security and our quality of life are impacted when senseless acts of sudden violence rip through any community. Our hearts break for those impacted by this attack, but also for those who live in fear of violence or discrimination day in and day out.

In times of tragedy, it’s important not to become paralyzed, but to turn our grief and our outrage into action. In honor of those who lost their lives in Orlando, and in recognition of this important month –LGBTQ Pride month and the Muslim holy month of Ramadan – here are some suggestions for ways you can respond.

  • Give to the One Orlando Fund to meet the immediate and long-term needs of those personally affected by the tragedy at Pulse Nightclub. Our comrades at the Central Florida Community Foundation have partnered with the City of Orlando to create this fund.
  • Donate to LGBTQ, Latino, and Muslim-led nonprofits working year-round to promote civil rights, solidarity, and dignity in the face of fear, stereotypes, and misinformation. Visit our March blog, Standing with our Muslim Neighbors, for a list of excellent Muslim-led, Bay Area nonprofits that need your support to combat rising Islamaphobia. Honor those who lost their lives at Pulse Nightclub by giving to groups like Somos Familia, supporting queer and trans Latino youth and their families. Or give to one of the premier national LGBTQ organizations based here in the Bay Area, including the Horizons Foundation, Transgender Law Center, National Center for Lesbian Rights, or GSA Network, that work both locally and nationally to combat hate and create inclusive communities.* Learn about organizations working at the intersection of these communities, such as the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity, which issued a powerful statement in the wake of the recent tragedy. For more ideas, visit Funders for LGBTQ Issues , where you will find advice and resources for donors.
  • Consider contributing to the Brady Center or visit their website to learn how you can take action to prevent gun violence.
  • Attend a vigil to show your support and connect with others who are turning their grief into action. Hundreds of events are being held around the world throughout the month of June.
  • Attend, support or volunteer at SF Pride. The parade is on Sunday, June 26, but a wide variety of events are taking place this month under the 2016 theme of Racial and Economic Justice.

In the face of tragedy, we have the opportunity to come together and deepen our commitment to each other. From here to Orlando, let’s turn our grief into action and work together to create a more just, peaceful and united world.

* Contact for more information on any of these long-time TSFF grantees or for additional recommendations.