Successful Partnership Leverages $4.1M for Bay Area Projects

Calvert - Lifelong Medical Clinic BLOG

We are pleased to announce that The San Francisco Foundation is continuing and expanding our longstanding partnership with The Calvert Foundation through our Program-Related Investment Fund.

Our Program-Related Investment Fund has made two loans to Calvert. The first, a $500,000 loan to leverage $2 million in investments, and the second is a$350,000 loan that will be leveraged six times, supporting $2.1 million into community development and environmental projects and social enterprises in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is the first Program-Related Investment made with participation from donors alongside the Foundation’s funding.

The Calvert Foundation shares The San Francisco Foundation’s deep commitment to building equity for all residents in the Bay Area. Calvert funds high impact organizations and projects in the San Francisco Bay Area focusing on affordable housing, microfinance, small business development, and the establishment of essential community facilities like charter schools, daycare centers and rehabilitation clinics.

Lifelong Medical Clinic, and Girls, Inc. of Alameda County are two of the outstanding organizations that have benefited from our partnership with The Calvert Foundation.

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