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Monet Boyd

Monet Boyd

Monet Boyd

Program Coordinator, Great Communities Collaborative
Why do you do what you do?

When I was a high school student in El Cerrito, I took part in a program that connected students to different city departments. I did a summer internship at the city’s planning department and ended up working there for more than two years. I learned at a very young age that there were fewer resources for Black and Brown communities, and communities with low incomes, when it came to our physical, built environment, as well as opportunities. People’s lives are impacted based on where they live, the quality of their education, and living conditions. I ended up studying Urban and Regional Planning in order to advocate for these communities and get them the resources they need.

What drew you to the foundation?

Two years before I joined the foundation, I was interning for BART’s real estate and development department. It was there that I first learned about SFF’s initiative, Great Communities Collaborative, and I was impressed by GCC’s ability to bring so many different types of groups to the same table. I admired GCC’s ability to align these organizations in partnership and regional goals. GCC recognized that many organizations had the same goal but played very different and important roles to solve the same issue.

How would you describe your role?

Great Communities Collaborative is a kind of web that helps to connect our partners to resources such as grants, technical assistance, and learning opportunities. As the program coordinator, I coordinate the Bay Area for All(BA4A) working group, working closely with site partners across the region and SPARCC national team. I also coordinate learning session for partners, co-facilitate BA4A monthly meetings, and share resources and support to partners. Lastly, support partners with transitioning into our BA4A work, decision-making processes, budgets, and connecting with national SPARCC.

Are you involved in any volunteer activities?

I mentor for Global Glimpse’s Brave New Leader Academy, which is helping young people prepare for college, future careers, deeper understanding of people and different cultures, and overall wellness.


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