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Monique Rao

Monique Rao

Monique Rao

Strategic Learning and Evaluation Officer
Why do you do what you do?

I am a mission driven person, who strives to reverse social and economic inequity, which has only increased dramatically over the last several decades. In order for transformative change to happen, it requires policy change – and I believe that policies should be evidence-based. On a societal and governmental scale, research, evaluation, and data help inform policies, so they are evidence-based to better bring about the most effective change. On an organizational level, I love the way evaluation work allows you to see and develop frameworks that both demonstrate and hold accountability in how an organization’s work feeds into and achieves its overarching goals and mission.

What drew you to the foundation?

I was drawn to the foundation by its commitment both internally and externally to diversity, and racial and economic equity. I also felt like the opportunity to work at one of the largest community foundations in the country, with a rich history of 75 years dedicated to supporting and uplifting underserved communities and their leaders would be such an honor.

How would you describe your role?

I help show the impact the foundation has made in the community and help us tell a story about this impact using our grantmaking data and information gathered from our grantee-partners. I also work with the Community Impact team to help them optimize how they do this and help them use data to make strategic decisions about their grantmaking. In guiding the organizational learning overall, the Strategic Learning and Evaluation team helps track performance measures to show areas of success as well opportunities for improvement across the organization.

What inspires you?

Hearing community voices, whether it be their struggles or triumphs, has always, and will continue to inspire and drive my commitment to and passion for social impact work.

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