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Perry Wong

Perry Wong

Perry Wong

Senior Koshland Program Assistant
Why do you do what you do?

I have a passion for learning about public policy and the process that goes that goes into making change happen. Working for the foundation and making grants for community organizations enables me to learn more about the opportunities and struggles facing our communities throughout the Bay. I feel very fortunate to work at an organization that educates me while allowing me to take part in larger process of making change happen.

What drew you to the foundation?

My work began on a temporary basis, providing seasonal support to the foundation’s grants management team during the giving season. Through that work as an intermediary between the many grantmaking functions of the foundation, I got to learn more about the follow through of SFF’s commitment to racial equity and structural change. In my experience, I’ve come across few organizations that are as large, financially sustainable, yet culturally diverse at nearly every level of leadership and management, so I took the opportunity to stay on longer than I initially intended.

How would you describe your role?

I coordinate the day-to-day operations of the Koshland Program and see that grantees and community fellows are heard and confident in the efficacy of the program. I make sure that everyone on our three-person team functions on the same page when they begin their days, be it through administrative assistance work, team communication, budgetary due diligence, or scheduling, so that we can empower community leaders throughout the Bay Area as envisioned by SFF’s founder, Daniel Koshland.

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