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Yolanda Alindor

Yolanda Alindor

Yolanda Alindor

Organization Development Director and Senior Program Officer, Leadership Development, Power
Why do you do what you do? What drew you to the foundation?

The foundation’s commitment to social justice and its expression of that commitment via a racially and ethnically diverse staff and board first drew me here. A more finely honed focus on racial equity and economic inclusion is the right focus for our time and place, so it’s where I want to be.

How would you describe your role?

My two roles span both work out in the community and work inside the foundation. I work with my colleagues to determine how to best support leaders in the community so that they can most have the most impact on racial equity and economic inclusion. Providing funding to organizations that train leaders and organizers, as well as funding groups that provide fellowships to folks who were previously incarcerated, will assure long-term leadership by those who have been most impacted by exclusionary practices. That’s exciting! Internally, I work on the operations team to provide our staff with the tools and training needed to be consistently efficient, effective, creative and impressive.

Are you involved in any volunteer activities?

I volunteer with the Latina Center.

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