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Sheryl Wong

Sheryl Wong

Sheryl Wong

SFF Board of Trustees
Why do you do what you do?

My parents were good role models who were always involved in volunteerism and philanthropy, first in our community, and later they stepped up even more to support their alma mater, UC Berkeley. I became a teacher and taught in a suburban school where half of the students came from low-income families. I met parents in their homes when their kids didn’t show up to school and learned about the many challenges that families faced. Education has been a focus of my philanthropy and volunteerism through various lenses, such as my university, schools in our community and cultural institutions.

What drew you to serving on the board?

My husband and I had opened a donor advised fund to support the foundation. I also served on the foundation’s Koshland Committee and have seen how the foundation impacts communities. My involvement with the foundation made me realize that I wanted to take on a more active role to address social justice in the Bay Area.

How would you describe your role as a board member?

I’m a representative for the foundation and can encourage others to become donors and support our social justice mission.

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