Whistleblower Policy

Whistleblower Policy

This policy applies to all foundation employees, board members, committee members, consultants, and volunteers. The San Francisco Foundation is committed to providing a workplace conducive to open discussion of its business practices. Accordingly, when you have a reason to believe that the foundation is violating a state or federal statute, or violating or not complying with a state or federal rule or regulation, you are encouraged to report your concerns to the CEO or any member of the senior management team. If you feel that senior staff has not addressed your concerns, then you are encouraged to report your concerns to the Chair or Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees or the Chair of the Audit Committee, in any manner that is convenient for you. The Trustees’ names and contact information can be obtained through the Executive Assistant to the CEO. The aforementioned Trustees may also be reached anonymously through Yahoo.com. To ensure anonymity using Yahoo.com you must follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to yahoo.com
  2. Click on Yahoo Mail
  3. Enter tsffreporter in the Yahoo ID
  4. Enter TheBridge2024 for the password
  5. Select Mail and Compose to start a new message
  6. Click TO in the address field and a list of trustees will be offered. Select the trustee(s) you wish to email and click “done.”
  7. After you have completed your message hit Send.

Moreover, it is the foundation’s policy to protect you from unlawful retaliation or discrimination by anyone affiliated with the foundation as a result of your notifying either the foundation or an appropriate government or law enforcement agency when you have reason to believe that the foundation’s actions violate the law.

The CFO and COO will have joint responsibility for investigating complaints. In situations where it is not appropriate for the CFO or COO to conduct the investigation, the other of these individuals will work directly with the CEO to conduct the investigation or as appropriate, the CEO will conduct the investigation with the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Any concerns that you raise with the foundation will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken, if necessary. The foundation’s findings and actions will, to the extent possible, be communicated back to you. Finally, although the foundation endeavors to maintain your confidentiality in the event that you make such a report, your identity may have to be disclosed to conduct a thorough investigation, to comply with the law, or to provide accused individuals their legal rights of defense.

This policy prevents you from being subject to retaliatory action by the foundation or any of its staff members if you report information where you have a reasonable good faith belief that the information discloses:

  1. A violation of a state or federal statute;
  2. A violation of a state or federal rule or regulation; or
  3. With respect to employee safety or health, unsafe working conditions or work practices at the foundation.

The foundation will not:

  1. Make, adopt, or enforce any rule, regulation, or policy preventing you from being a whistleblower;
  2. Retaliate against you as a whistleblower;
  3. Retaliate against you for refusing to participate in an activity that would result in a violation of a state or federal statute, or a violation or noncompliance with a state or federal rule or regulation; and
  4. Retaliate against you for having exercised your rights as a whistleblower in any former employment.

While we encourage you to bring to our attention concerns regarding possible violations of state or federal statutes, rules, or regulations by the foundation, there is also a California State Attorney General’s Whistleblower Hotline that you may call at (800) 952-5225. The Attorney General will refer your call to the appropriate government authority for review and possible investigation.

Approved by the San Francisco Foundation Board of Trustees, December 2010