Nonprofit Agency Funds

Nonprofit Agency Funds

Does your nonprofit have a rainy-day fund or wish to establish an endowment? By opening a nonprofit agency fund with the San Francisco Foundation, you can create a fund that is restricted for your benefit to support your operations and programs — over time or in perpetuity. Establishing an agency fund at SFF allows you to focus on your core mission while SFF takes care of the administration and offers top-notch investment management. In addition, you are partnering with a trusted philanthropic organization that is dedicated to the Bay Area and the nonprofit organizations that help the region thrive.

Nonprofit Fund Types
  1. Agency Endowed Fund: a fund established by a nonprofit that wants to protect long-term assets while receiving annual distributions to support its mission. (Amount is based on SFF’s spending policy.) The fund is invested with the foundation’s endowment pool to provide sustaining support. It is best for partners that want or need to (based on donor intent) limit access to a portion of fund earnings only and preserve fund principal for the long-term.
  2. Agency Non-Endowed Fund: a fund established by a nonprofit that wants to protect medium- to long-term assets, while retaining the discretion to take distributions as needed to support its mission. The fund can be invested in one (or more) of the foundation’s three investment pools to generate growth over time. The fund can be treated as a “quasi-endowment” based on a spending budget set by the organization, though distributions back to the organization may be requested in any amount, providing the nonprofit with maximum flexibility.

Learn more about the two different options for nonprofit agency funds.

  • $250,000 minimum to establish a fund
  • 1% annual administrative fee (assessed quarterly)
  • Assets irrevocably transferred to and owned by the foundation
  • Component fund of the foundation
  • Fund invested in one (or more) of the foundation’s investment pools
  • Foundation Board of Trustees and Investment Committee oversee investments
  • Top investment management and performance
  • Acceptance of complex assets
  • Quarterly fund statements
  • Access to fund details through the Donor Center, a secure online fund portal
  • Easy, efficient, and personalized service
  • Estate and gift planning services
  • Listed on SFF’s website
  • Invitation to SFF’s annual Investment Forum

For more information, please contact Pamela Doherty at (415) 733-8521 or pdoherty[at]

Organizations with Nonprofit Funds at the San Francisco Foundation

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