Our grantmaking is committed to an agenda that advances racial equity and economic inclusion for everyone in the Bay Area. We want all people in the Bay Area to be economically secure, rooted in vibrant communities, and civically engaged.

We have intentionally prioritized race and socioeconomic status in our grantmaking because low-income people of color face barriers when it comes to housing, education, criminal justice, jobs, and civic participation. The future of the Bay Area depends on our ability to ensure that everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

Learn about our funding opportunities.

Our equity grantmaking is structured under three interconnected programs:

  • People: Advancing the economic security of low-income people of color in the Bay Area. Read stories about People grantees.
  • Place: Anchoring the region’s neighborhoods so that all residents, particularly low-income people of color, can live, work, thrive, and create. Read stories about Place grantees that are protecting, preserving and producing affordable housing, and those that are advancing equity through the arts.
  • Power: Ensuring that people of color, low-income residents, and youth have a strong political voice and can shape the decisions that affect their lives and communities. Read stories about Power grantees.

Through collaborative, intersectional work, we will reach our goal of achieving greater racial and economic inclusion in the region. Learn about our collaboratives.