Our Equity Agenda

Our Equity Agenda

Together with community leaders, nonprofits, and donors, we are committed to an agenda that advances racial equity and economic inclusion for everyone in the Bay Area. We want all people in the Bay Area to be economically secure, rooted in vibrant communities, and civically engaged.

Our strategic focus of this agenda is on a just and equitable recovery and on leading the way for our communities, partners, and staff to engage in radical reimagining and transformative solidarity to create a better reality for all. With a community-driven vision for a more equitable and just Bay Area, we can continue to dismantle the old systems and rebuild them anew.

We know this will be a continuous learning experience, but one with a very clear goal — to make the Bay Area a place that offers true opportunity for everybody.

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Grantmaking to Advance Racial Equity

We have intentionally prioritized race and socioeconomic status in our grantmaking because our policies and systems have created barriers for low-income people of color when it comes to housing, education, criminal justice, jobs, and civic participation. The future of the Bay Area depends on our ability to ensure that everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

These interconnected strategies — building power, creating financial well-being, and preserving communities — work together to make our region more equitable, healthier, happier, and more prosperous.

Our equity grantmaking is structured under these interconnected focus areas:

  • People grantmaking focus
  • Place grantmaking focus
  • Power grantmaking focus
  • Policy & Innovation


Together with our partners, the San Francisco Foundation is tackling challenges to housing, employment, access to transit, and civic participation in the Bay Area. These collaborative efforts allow funders, donors, government agencies, and community organizations to pool resources and expertise to create large-scale, long-term solutions to these challenges. Each of these initiatives advances our goal of creating a more equitable region where everyone has what they need to thrive.

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Leadership Programs and Awards

The San Francisco Foundation has responded to the challenges and opportunities of the Bay Area for more than 70 years. In that time, we have developed lasting partnerships across communities and invested in long-term transformative work of community leaders and up and coming leaders in neighborhoods throughout the region. These commitments are lived out in the following programs that are integral to the vision of equity in the Bay Area.

Art Programs and Awards

The foundation is proud to bestow a variety of awards in literature, visual arts, film/video and playwriting that help foster innovation and individual artistic growth within our community.

Funding Opportunities

We offer a range of funding opportunities for nonprofits (or fiscally sponsored organizations) in the five Bay Area counties.

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