Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Since our inception, we have worked with generations of donors to create a better, more inclusive Bay Area and beyond. Whether you are a new or experienced donor, we meet you where you are by providing customized, easy, and empowering philanthropic service. We offer a number of giving tools for individuals, families, companies, and foundations.

Ways To Give

Click on the sections below to learn more about the ways to give.

Open a Fund

  • Donor Advised Fund: For donors seeking active involvement in philanthropy, donor advised funds are a flexible giving vehicle that will help you to achieve your philanthropic goals.
  • Customized Funds: For donors wishing to create a fund to support specific named areas of interest or particular nonprofits in an efficient and reliable fashion, customized funds can be endowed to last in perpetuity or non-endowed to be spent over time. Minimum fund size varies depending on whether a fund is endowed or non-endowed.

Give to your own Donor Advised Fund at SFF

Give to your own existing Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at the San Francisco Foundation or a friend’s Donor Advised Fund using our online donation form and include the name of your DAF on the form.

Give to the Foundation or Other Existing Funds

  • Foundation Programs: For donors wishing to directly support the San Francisco Foundation’s work advancing racial equity and economic inclusion.
  • Give to an Existing Fund: For donors seeking to give to existing funds that are administered by the San Francisco Foundation.
  • Bay Area Leads Fund: For donors wishing to support our increased civic leadership activities and strategic initiatives required to address some of the most intractable issues in the region.
  • Bay Area Community Impact Fund: When you have a donor advised fund with the San Francisco Foundation, you can also invest in the Bay Area through our Bay Area Community Impact Fund to make impact investments in organizations and projects that align with our equity agenda.
  • Matching Gifts: Did you know many employers will match or even triple your donation to the San Francisco Foundation? Your donation plus a matching gift from your employer will support the San Francisco Foundation’s effective, long-term solutions to building a future where everyone can thrive.

Include the Foundation or Your Fund in Your Estate Plan

  • Estate Planning: For donors who wish to provide sustaining, impactful support in perpetuity for the future needs of a specific organization or an issue that you select.

Create a Supporting Organization

  • For donors wishing to establish a separate giving entity, similar to a private foundation, within the San Francisco Foundation.

What To Give

Donors have a variety of giving options to choose from when creating a new giving fund or adding to an existing fund. We accept a range of assets to make giving convenient and simple. Donors can make a gift with:

  • Cash/credit card
  • Closely held stock
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  • Mutual funds
  • Partnership interests
  • Pre-IPO stock
  • Real estate
  • Securities
Contact Us

To discuss more about the ways to give or to identify the best vehicle for your giving, please contact us at donorservices[at]sff.org or (415) 733-8590.