Grantmaking To Advance Racial Equity

Grantmaking To Advance Racial Equity

We have intentionally prioritized race and socioeconomic status in our grantmaking because our policies and systems have created barriers for low-income people of color when it comes to housing, education, criminal justice, jobs, and civic participation. The future of the Bay Area depends on our ability to ensure that everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

These interconnected strategies — building power, creating financial well-being, and preserving communities — work together to make our region more equitable, healthier, happier, and more prosperous.

Our equity grantmaking is structured under these interconnected focus areas:

People grantmaking focus

Ensuring economic security and opportunity for all in the Bay Area. We believe that all Bay Area residents should be able to make a good living and build long-term financial well-being for their families and communities. We support nonprofits that create just laws and practices, build worker power, and build community wealth.

Place grantmaking focus

Anchoring the region’s neighborhoods so that all residents can live, work, thrive, and create. We believe that all Bay Area residents should be able to afford to live in neighborhoods where they feel that they belong. We are working with a wide variety of partners to address the region’s housing challenges through advocacy, organizing, and building community power.

Power grantmaking focus

Ensuring residents have a strong political voice and can shape the decisions that affect their lives and communities. The Power Pathway is working to support an agenda that is driven by people of color and those who have been systematically denied economic opportunities. These communities are creating an infrastructure for building power across the region.

Policy & Innovation

Identifying and advocating for policy solutions that create systemic change.

Grantmaking from these focus areas is by invitation only. We will share information about open funding cycles as it is available.

Our Grantmaking

Together with our donors, we have invested $3.3 billion in grants to create a Bay Area where everyone can thrive.

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