75th Anniversary

75th Anniversary

During our 75th anniversary year in 2023, we celebrated the vibrant communities of our region. Join us to build a Bay Area where everyone thrives.

Our Story

Explore the stories from our past that have shaped SFF and the Bay Area and help us look ahead to our future.

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Fred Blackwell’s Equity Journey

Watch this animated video to see how San Francisco Foundation CEO Fred Blackwell reflects on how he first learned about racial equity and economic inclusion—riding his bike around Oakland.

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Mapping Change

Experience the history of movements and moments that have shifted the needle on racial equity and economic inclusion throughout the Bay Area.

Our Milestones


The San Francisco Foundation is officially inaugurated at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.


SFF begins providing grant support to families of people incarcerated at San Quentin Prison.


SFF launches the Koshland Civic Unity Fellowship Program in memory of Daniel E. Koshland Sr., SFF founder and philanthropist.


Recognizing the power of religious institutions in community organizing, SFF introduces the FAITHS initiative. Within two years, more than 700 congregations become part of the initiative, developing a faith-based action plan to help create an equitable Bay Area.


SFF partners with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy to create the Civic Engagement Fund for AMEMSA Communities.


SFF introduces the Rapid Response Fund to provide quick turnaround funding to grassroots organizations addressing racial equity.

Celebrating SFF’s 75th Anniversary

The San Francisco Foundation’s 75th anniversary celebration in 2023 was an amazing night filled with reflections, music & performances, art & dancing – and great food. It was the perfect way to mark this milestone in our history and connect with our closest partners who make our work possible. Together, we look ahead to the next 75 years, stronger than ever in our determination to create an inclusive, thriving Bay Area.

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Photo courtesy of CURYJ, a Rapid Response Fund grantee

What’s New

We’re celebrating our anniversary all year long through stories, videos and more.

A Bay Area Where Everyone Thrives

Watch this animated video to see how San Francisco Foundation CEO Fred Blackwell reflects on the foundation’s 75-year commitment to social justice and racial equity. Together with donors, nonprofits, and policymakers, SFF is investing in a Bay Area where everyone thrives.

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Make an Impact

Invest in effective, long-term solutions for our community.