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Valerie Goode

Valerie Goode

Valerie Goode

Chief Marketing Officer
Why do you do what you do?

Three reasons. First, I am passionate about ensuring people are connected to and understand the information they need to make informed decisions. Second, I’ve experienced the power of narrative and storytelling to influence and change my life. I feel a responsibility to activate and cultivate my skills and the skills of others to make a meaningful contribution toward positive social change. And lastly, I do what I do to keep evolving and share what I am learning in communications, marketing, and leadership.

What drew you to the foundation?

I am proud to work for an organization with nearly 75 years of experience fighting for social justice in the Bay Area. San Francisco Foundation’s current focus on advancing racial equity and economic inclusion felt like the right fit for me at this stage of my career and at this time in history. I consider it a privilege to get to fight for racial justice at work.

How would you describe your role?

I have the honor of helping to spread the word about SFF and the work we are doing to advance racial equity and economic inclusion both inside the organization and out. I work with others to tell the story of the foundation by highlighting the people and organizations in Bay Area communities working to make this region one where everyone can thrive regardless of race or socioeconomic status. You can check out some of this work in places such as our website, social media pages, and newsletters.

Are you involved in any volunteer activities?

My favorite volunteer activity is mentoring. I have several mentees, both formal and informal. I love to share experiences and connect people to information and resources that help them achieve their goals.

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