Training Community Leaders on Bay Area Equity Atlas – the Power of Data.

Training Community Leaders on Bay Area Equity Atlas – the Power of Data.

The Foundation and PolicyLink recently co-hosted a virtual training for over 40 community leaders on using the Bay Area Equity Atlas. The San Francisco Foundation, PolicyLink, and the USC Equity Research Institute created the Atlas to provide our community with a comprehensive and easy-to-use data and policy tool to help create a more equitable Bay Area.

Advocates can use the Atlas to find detailed, reliable information disaggregated by race/ethnicity and other demographics. It tracks 23 equity indicators for 272 geographies/jurisdictions across the Bay Area’s nine-county region. Along with the data, the Atlas features insights and analysis, drivers of inequity, policy strategies, strategies in action, and stories about residents’ experiences with the issues and solutions.

Participants learned how to use the Atlas. In breakout sessions, participants worked together to navigate the Atlas and identify answers to the training exercise.  They also learned how others have used it in their campaigns with Irene Rojas-Carroll, of Bay Rising, sharing how they have used the Atlas to inform and bolster their work.

To learn more:

  • Watch a short video about the Atlas and how Bay Area-based organizations are using it to move the needle on equity in their communities.
  • Explore news reports that have cited the Atlas and learn about how the tool has been utilized in equity campaigns in the Bay Area.
  • Review all other Atlas reports and analyses.