For nearly 70 years, The San Francisco Foundation has worked hand in hand with donors to invest in positive change across the Bay Area. We maximize our impact by focusing on long-term problem solving, not just temporary fixes.

The Foundation simplifies giving by offering donors a single path to a diverse portfolio of organizations committed to solving the Bay Area’s most pressing problems, including expanding racial and economic equity for all in our region.

Stewardship is the heart of our relationship with you. We start with your vision of community investment, share the relationships we’ve cultivated with exceptional nonprofits achieving meaningful change, and then manage the details. With our expertise and your passion, we make greater impact together.

Empowering Your Philanthropy

We are pleased to announce we have added a new dimension to the philanthropic services we provide for our donor community, in order to truly empower their philanthropy.

We have heard a clear desire from donors for more opportunities to engage with the Foundation. In recent feedback sessions, donors asked us for new ways to partner in our work that goes beyond dollars and grants — creating space where donors can learn from us and from each other and to be advocates. In response, we have created or enhanced the following new opportunities.


Peer Learning Community
This is a chance for donors to meet periodically for conversations on specific issues, insights and to chart a course forward. Our upcoming Commonwealth Club series on People, Place and Power in the Bay Area is one such example. We are looking at possible topics for meetings at the Foundation in the fall, so stay tuned.

Knowledge Sharing
We all learn differently, and donors told us that they want to read and listen to more in-depth stories on issues facing the Bay Area. We will share timely reports, podcasts, videos and more. You can also find a list of resources to guide your giving here.

New Neighborhood Spotlight Tours
We are planning occasional walking and bus tours in several communities where the Foundation is focusing our work. Join us to learn about these neighborhoods, the history, the residents and why place matters. We will put together thoughtful tours to illuminate what is happening in the neighborhood, what organizations are involved and how TSFF is plugging into solutions.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a donor at The San Francisco Foundation, or about these opportunities, contact our Donor Services team and together we can craft a plan to empower your philanthropy.

Please feel free to call our dedicated Donor Services phone line at (415) 733-8590 or via and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.