Equity in Action Dashboard

Equity in Action Dashboard

Equity in Action Dashboard

With this data dashboard, we continue our work to be more transparent. We provide a snapshot across four key areas: Our North Star, What We Fund, Collaboration is Key, and Trust-based Philanthropy.


We want to be clear about where we are hitting the mark and where we are missing it.

We regularly collect data and analyze our grantmaking portfolio to hold ourselves accountable to our values and aspirations. We disaggregate the information by race/ethnicity, geography, organization size, and strategy to promote a deeper understanding of impact. We have also implemented a grantee perception survey, which allows partners to provide meaningful feedback.

Unless noted otherwise, the data below reflects the period July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023.

We hope this data dashboard will provide helpful context and accountability with our grantees, partners, and funders. 

Our North Star

SFF is committed to racial equity and economic inclusion

We have intentionally prioritized race and socioeconomic status in our work because our policies and systems have created barriers for low-income people of color when it comes to housing, education, criminal justice, jobs, and civic participation. The future of the Bay Area depends on our ability to ensure that everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

Our People

We’ve been able to attract an increasingly diverse team that better reflects our communities. 72 percent of our full-time staff identified as a person of color compared to 24 percent of staff at foundations across the country.*


of Staff identify as BIPOC


of Leadership identify as BIPOC


of Board members identify as BIPOC

Our Programmatic Grants

The vast majority of our programmatic grantmaking is focused on advancing our Equity Agenda and goes to organizations serving and led by Black, Indigenous, and people of color. We know that the future they work toward will be better, richer, and more vibrant for all people in the Bay Area.


of Executive Directors identify as BIPOC**


of grantees served a population that was majority BIPOC**


of grantee partners agree SFF is committed to prioritizing funding to Black, Indigenous, and communities of color in the Bay Area.***


of grantees agree that SFF’s leaders effectively use their voice and leadership to shift policies to support an equitable Bay Area.***


48% of SFF’s donor advised funds gave grants to SFF programmatic grantees.†

* Council on Foundations’ 2016 study, The State of Change: An Analysis of Women and People of Color in the Philanthropic Sector.

** Among grantees with race/ethnicity data submitted, FY23

† Organizations that have received an SFF programmatic since the July 1, 2016 launch of our Equity Agenda


What We Fund

Our pathways and strategies

Our Equity Agenda is to ensure that all people living in the Bay Area are economically secure, rooted in vibrant communities, and engaged in civic life. As a community foundation, our programmatic grantmaking is one of the main ways we make that agenda a reality. We focus our work through interconnected pathways: People, Place, Power, and Policy and Innovation. For each we list the amount of funding and the number of organizations supported.

We also fund a range of cross-pathway strategies. Below you will see the top four strategies by funding amount.




Collaboration is Key

Tackling our biggest problems together

Collaboration across sectors is how we achieve big, lasting, systemic change. Together with our partners, we lead four collaborative efforts that are tackling challenges to housing, employment, access to transit, and civic participation in the Bay Area. These collaboratives help create large-scale, long-term solutions by allowing funders, donors, government agencies, and nonprofits to pool our resources and expertise.


partners in our collaborative efforts.*


invested by partners in SFF’s work and leadership


number of institutional funders

* Includes partners in SFF’s Partnership for the Bay’s Future, Hope SF, ReWork the Bay, and Great Communities Collaborative.


Trust-based Philanthropy

Deepening partnerships with our grantees

Trust-based philanthropy is grounded in mutually accountable relationships with our grantee partners. To that end, we strive to minimize the power imbalances inherent in our work, center the expertise of communities directly affected by the systems and policies we’re working to make more just and share what we’re learning – including what’s working and where we can improve. See a list of our grantees.


of grantees feel comfortable approaching app leads if they have a problem.*


of grantees agree they have enough touchpoints with their program officers.*


of grantees understand how grant decisions are made.*

Strong Relationships

General operating and multi-year grants are grounded in strong, trusting relationships.


of dollars going to multi-year grants


of dollars going to general operating support