Arab American Heritage Month Give Guide 2024

Arab American Heritage Month Give Guide 2024

This month, the San Francisco Foundation (SFF) proudly recognizes Arab American Heritage Month. We celebrate the rich history, influence, and contributions of Arab Americans to our region and our country. This recognition also serves to build bridges of understanding between Arab American communities and the diverse tapestry of cultures within the Bay Area. SFF’s North Star of fostering racial equity and economic inclusion reflects our commitment to ensuring the well-being of all Bay Area communities. We’d like to introduce you to some outstanding organizations led by and for Arab Americans.

Arab Resource and Organizing Center

The Arab Resource and Organizing Center serves poor and working-class Arabs and Muslims across the San Francisco Bay Area, while organizing to overturn racism, forced migration, and militarism. Recognizing the diversity of experiences within their community, AROC utilizes a multi-pronged strategy providing a centralized space for social services meeting material needs, developing analysis, creating strategy, and leading grassroots campaigns for systemic changes that make tangible impacts in the lives of working class SWANA (South West Asian and North African) communities. Its accomplishments include playing a leading role in the Stop Urban Shield campaign, which succeeded in defunding and disbanding Urban Shield, a large-scale police training program with militarization elements. It has also advocated for including Arabic as a language pathway within the San Francisco Unified School District. For 15 years, it has worked to build intergenerational power in the Arab and Muslim community in Northern California.

Donor Center Specifics: 
Grantee: Arab Resource and Organizing Center
Fiscal Sponsor: Tides Center
Short purpose: For general operating support of Arab Resource and Organizing Center.

Council on American Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area

Council on American Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area (CAIR-SFBA) was founded in 1994 by Muslim community leaders and civil rights advocates in response to growing anti-Muslim discrimination and Islamophobia across the nation. It focuses on advocacy and legal services for the Muslim community in the Bay Area and now serves nearly 250,000 Muslims in the nine-county Bay Area Region. It has been a powerful leader in challenging discriminatory policies, including the 2017 travel ban on citizens from Muslim-majority countries. CAIR-SFBA is the oldest CAIR office in the country. It is an essential partner of SFF’s FAITHS Program.

Donor Center Specifics: 
Grantee: Council on American-Islamic Relations California
Short purpose: For general operating support of your work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Islamic Networks Group

Founded in 1993, Islamic Networks Group (ING) focuses on fostering understanding and promoting peace between Muslims and other communities. It provides training and resources for educators on Muslims and other faith communities. It offers online curricula to help educators promote understanding of Islam. It organizes events and programs that bring people from diverse backgrounds and organizations from diverse sectors together for dialogue and interaction, including clergy, educators, community-based organizations, law enforcement, corporations, and healthcare providers. ING is a key partner of SFF’s FAITHS Program.

Donor Center Specifics: 
Grantee: Islamic Networks Group
Short purpose: For general operating support.

Palestinian Youth Movement

Palestinian Youth Movement (“PYM”) is a transnational, independent, grassroots movement of young Arabs and Palestinians in Palestine and worldwide. Across Northern California, it organizes in San Francisco, the East Bay, South Bay, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz. While focused on addressing the unique context and needs of Palestinian and Arab, PYM also commits to acting in solidarity with other marginalized groups. For example, PYM collaborated with Indigenous, civil rights, environmental, and public health advocates to block construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. It has also organized talks with diverse Palestinian leaders. PYM is made up entirely of volunteer organizers from Palestinian and Arab communities.

Donor Center Specifics: 
Grantee: Palestinian Youth Movement
Fiscal Sponsor: WESPAC Foundation, Inc.
Short purpose: For general operating support of Palestinian Youth Movement.