• The Coliseum Professor

    Every day, Martin Velazquez uses Skype to chat with his two sons in Mexico. But keeping in touch wasn’t always so easy. Mr. Velazquez is a part-time janitor at the Oakland Coliseum who came to the US to support his family. He had little experience with computers and social media, which he knew would limit […]

  • Who Gets to be an American?

    On November 25, as Americans wrapped up our Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we saw horrifying photos of refugees – including barefoot toddlers—running from tear gas that U.S. border protection agents had hurled across the San Diego-Tijuana border.  This attack on Central American migrants and their children seeking asylum is profoundly disturbing and counters our country’s founding […]

  • Donor Desk: Edward Rubin

    Tell us about yourself I came to San Francisco in 1980 to do a pediatric residency at UC San Francisco. While I began in clinical medicine, it was the scientific environment of the Bay Area that kept me here. From San Francisco, I moved to Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. There I directed […]

  • Standing Together in Love and Faith

    FAITHS (Foundation Alliance with Interfaith to Heal Society), a program founded by the San Francisco Foundation, has issued the following statement in response to the violent incidents across the country. We are living in real times where people are murdered for their religious beliefs and the color of their skin. We are faced with dehumanizing […]

  • 2018 Holiday Volunteer Opportunities

    Please contact the organization directly to sign up. Activity is at organization’s office location unless otherwise indicated. SAN FRANCISCO Hamilton Families Location TBA Contact: Christina Alton calton@hamiltonfamilies.org ; (510)499-1378 (cell) Activity 1: Help organize Santa’s Workshop by sorting toys and preparing wrapping tables Monday, December 3, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Activity 2: Help […]

  • Donor Desk: Steven Cohen

    The responses below represent the view of our donor, and not necessarily The San Francisco Foundation. How did you first get involved in philanthropy?  I like to think giving is in my blood through my parents, but I certainly became more serious about philanthropy when my mom—a “philanthro-activist” who started the Ploughshares Fund­—passed in 2006. […]

  • On the Frontline Against Displacement

    In the heart of downtown Oakland stands a seven-story, 23,000-square foot former bank that is now home to six nonprofit organizations, including the building’s owner, The Greenlining Institute. Greenlining advocates for racial and economic justice through policy, research, organizing, and leadership initiatives. The name is a rejoinder to “redlining,” the now-illegal practice of denying services […]