California Wildfires: Disaster Relief Resources

The Griffith Park and Woolsey fires tore through parts of Southern California last week. Photo by Jorge Villalba

The wildfires burning in parts of Northern and Southern California are still being contained, and the long-term needs of these communities have only just begun. The Camp Fire, the most destructive wildfire in California history, has already burnt much of the town of Paradise, just outside of Chico. The fire has taken dozens of lives and destroyed thousands of homes.

So how can we help? We recommend contributing to the following disaster relief funds:

As with most disaster relief funds, local community foundations work with local nonprofit organizations to determine the short- and long-term relief and recovery needs of the region, ensuring that all donations are effectively deployed. Donors may recommend a grant from their donor advised fund to these community foundations and designate the specific disaster relief fund.

Recovery from these fires will take years, and we know the local community foundations will give grants to nonprofits in support of the most vulnerable members of their communities, addressing disparities. We stand together with these sister foundations during this difficult time, and know that they are deeply committed to supporting those who need the resources the most.


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