Celebrating the Oakland Opportunity Partnership

Celebrating the Oakland Opportunity Partnership

Last July marked a momentous occasion for Oakland and 17 organizations that serve the city’s communities. A donor invested $34 million to create more jobs, affordable housing, access to education and healthcare to ensure that all residents can participate in, prosper, and reach their full potential.

We have had the joy of witnessing the impact of the investment on each organization’s goals, and in the the communities they serve. As we celebrate this gift, we are also celebrating the realized potential of partnering with our donors in this way. When we have the opportunity to bring deep community understanding and relationships to empower our donors in their giving the results are truly transformational.

We saw the launch of Kiva Oakland and businesses owners like Renee and Shana being able to expand Mamacitas Café and work with more women in the community with skills to find jobs.

Restore Oakland will help thousands of families advance to economic security through both higher-paying jobs and the opportunity to launch new enterprises. Because of the support, the Ella Baker Center is well underway to acquire a space for the Restore Oakland, a joint project with the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, intended to help the formerly incarcerated and low-wage workers get jobs paying living wages within the food industry.

By rooting residents in the neighboring community through access to quality jobs and job training programs, Restore Oakland will serve as a stabilizing force that leads to a safer and more prosperous East Oakland.



Through the grant to the Oakland Unified School District initiatives became possible and sustainable, such as new health programs for families, a focus on African American women and girls and additional training for teachers in early childhood education.

These stories are just the beginning.

Throughout the fall we will continue to share more stories from the inspiring and hardworking organizations and the people whose lives are touched by this extraordinary gift.